10 Tips for Freelance Writers looking to make money writing articles in 2022 – Constant Content

10 Tips for Freelance Writers looking to make money writing articles in 2022 - Constant Content

Since the start of the pandemic, you have probably been hearing a lot more about freelance work. In 2021, LinkedIn reported that a freelance content creator was one of the top five jobs. More people are choosing to step away from full-time office jobs. Others are working in a hybrid environment, while freelance writers work remotely. And the demand for skilled freelancers continues to grow.

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Many people have learned how make money writing this way. According to Upwork’s Freelance Forward Economist Report, 44% of freelancers say they earn more freelancing than with a traditional job in 2021.

Freelancing has plenty of perks besides the flexibility on where to work. Freelancers can avoid the hassle of long commute times. They have a greater ability to diversify their work portfolio and focus on having a work-life balance.

Here are our top ten tips to help you, freelance writers, hone your skills and earn money writing articles in 2022:

1. Build Your Skill Set

Do you know how to create SEO-friendly content? Are you current on the most effective ways to do keyword research? These are helpful skills when it comes to setting yourself up for success as a freelance writer. They can help you understand market trends and how to generate traffic for your client’s website.

2. Develop Your Client Base and Communication Skills  

As you start to cultivate a client base, make sure you’re adept at the art of negotiating the best deal. You need to understand what to charge and how to discuss higher rates. Know what your competition looks like and the best ways to secure solid contracts.

Remember, you need to get comfortable marketing your skills. As a freelance writer, you’re selling yourself. Practice and refine the art of giving the perfect pitch. Writing is all about language, right? The way you convey your tone and message can make or break whether you land a gig or miss an opportunity. When you communicate with a prospective client, remember to be natural. This helps clients get a gauge about your writing style and your voice.

3. Grow Your Own Brand and Strengthen Your Online Presence 

With freelancing becoming a respected alternative career, it’s important to know how to make yourself stand out from the crowd. You want to be someone people call upon – so make sure you become someone to know. Build a website to showcase your portfolio and resume. Be sure to include a few testimonials from clients as well. Keep a blog on your website or write a guest article or two on other websites to get your name out there. Stay active on social media. Keep your tone professional. Prospective clients might be scouting for new talent via social networking platforms. Whatever platforms you engage with, make sure to maintain your own unique brand. Explore tips on creating an impeccable freelance writer profile.

4. Cultivate Your Interests

It’s important to pursue your niche interests and gain mastery in certain subject areas. The more knowledge you have in any given topic, the greater your ability to deliver for your client. It’s important to continually expand your knowledge and be flexible enough to tackle a variety of writing projects. Dive into new subject areas. Read books and articles and listen to podcasts by industry experts. Follow companies and leaders in your field on social media.

Don’t forget to track trends. Fresh content and new ideas are a boon in today’s world. Set yourself apart by knowing what’s current. Explore ways to identify trending topics, like scoping out online platforms. Do industry research and check with reputable sources for facts and statistics.

5. Craft Your Perfect Workspace

When you work remotely, you have the freedom and flexibility to determine where you want to set up shop. Some freelancers prefer the comfort of a home office. Others thrive in a coworking space surrounded by fellow freelancers. Remote workers might head to their local coffee shop to tackle projects. Discover the space that’s right for you so you can set yourself up for success.

Working from home gives you the freedom and flexibility to take breaks when you need to. Plus, you don’t have to commute anywhere. You can set up your desk any way you like to maximize your productivity.

At a coworking space, you are usually allocated a desk space that you rent on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Having a dedicated area that you go to for work can help you stick to a schedule. A coworking environment can also be a helpful space when you want to network.

6. Have A Writing Portfolio

Having a portfolio showcases your best work as a freelance writer and your ability to write on multiple topics, including your niche topic. Plus, growing your portfolio is essential when you’re looking to market yourself to prospective clients. Clients want to see your writing style to determine whether you’ll be a good fit for the job.

7. Look For New Opportunities

Having an online presence and a solid writing portfolio are assets in helping you find work writing articles in 2022. It’s also important to think outside the box when it comes to generating new sources of writing work as a freelancer. Building relationships, especially professional ones, will go a long way in helping you expand your network. Growing your community also develops the potential for securing new clients. Take on jobs that fall outside of your comfort zone. You never know where they might lead.

8. Edit, Edit, Edit

Make sure that you stay on top of proofreading and editing your work before you hand it over to your client. Review grammar dos and don’ts. Purdue University has a free online writing lab to help you cover and revisit the basics. Explore editing tips. Remember that good editing can transform a mediocre piece of content into something great. Different clients have their own requirements when it comes to what kind of style guide they use. Familiarize yourself with some of the top guides, including the Associated Press (AP) and the Chicago Manual of Style.

9. Stay On Top Of Work With Effective Time Management

One of the biggest perks for freelance writers is the ability to work from home and work when you want to. Keep track of how long assignments will take. Structure your daily, weekly, and monthly schedule accordingly to make deadlines.

You’re in charge, so know that you must stay accountable to yourself and to your clients. One of the most important things you can do for yourself when freelancing is to set and keep a morning routine. A routine helps you stick to a schedule, and it can help with productivity throughout the day.

Don’t forget to set yourself reminders on your phone or computer for various tasks. And remember to take breaks! Turn off notifications so you are not interrupted or distracted. This helps you to focus on the task at hand.

10. Master The Art of Saying No

Just because you’ve gotten a job offer doesn’t mean you have to take it. One of the perks of freelancing is the ability to turn down offers. Reasons to avoid taking a gig may present themselves. The job might not be the right fit, or you could already have a full workload. If you’re on the brink of burnout, take a break from accepting new offers for the time being. Or the pay might not be in alignment with what you need or were expecting.

Remember to be professional and polite when declining a job offer. You can also provide a referral for another freelancer. It’s a great way to strengthen your ties to your freelancing network and you’re also helping the client find someone to take your place. Win-win!

Set Yourself up for Success

If you’re looking to make money writing articles, browse the Constant Content website to find freelance writing jobs, and pitch to clients on our platform. Feel free to check out our writer guidelines to make sure you’re on the right track.

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