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4 tips for authentic branded content – Nielsen

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by Adam

Audiences are very sensitive to advertising. They can scroll, skip and block ads to enjoy their favorite content. But what stops someone from scrolling—and starting to engage? It is important to find content that interests them, and breaks through the noise. Branded content is becoming a more popular way for brands and agencies to communicate their message.

Instead of thinking of product placement as a one-off, think about different types of content such as sponsored blog posts and short form videos. This content is a way for brands create a more engaging experience.

How can brands create branded content that is memorable?

Provide value 

The power of branded content is its ability to integrate seamlessly into the consumer experience—while simultaneously acting as another vehicle for brands to create content the audience actually cares about. You can imagine a simple recipe for a cocktail using the latest hard seltzer brand or a tutorial on how to make your own home improvements. Lots of times it’s a celebrity or athlete candidly showing us how to make the recipe or using their favorite product in the tutorial. And when it comes to this “How-To” genre of branded content, Nieslen found that, on average, 83% of target audiences felt brands paired well with the content—inherently creating trust between the brand/advertiser and consumer.

Find the perfect fit 

Brand content shines when it is personalized and organic. Brands can bond with their target audience by connecting to their customers through the right blog, social media platform, or influencer. This fit is more important than ever today—given how conscientious consumers are about the need for real-life brands to reflect their own personal brand and values. 90% of Americans favor companies that emphasize well-being within their messaging. Recent SME content studies have shown that 72% of people felt that the talent (such as an influencer) was a good fit for their brand. However, only one third of those surveyed felt that the content was authentic. Branded content doesn’t end with matching the right promoters to your brand, it must also come across as genuine. 

Consistency, consistency. Consistency. 

The way you grow die-hard brand loyalists is by establishing your brand purpose—and consistently demonstrating that promise. Social media platforms are very popular for brand content. These platforms allow brands to connect with consumers in many ways. Consistency is crucial for staying top-of-mind in a competitive content space. On average, 71% could recall the brand in the content without prompting. If audiences aren’t first recalling content, how can we expect them to grow into brand advocates?

Assess your impact

You can only measure the performance of your branded content to determine if it is working. You may think your messaging inspires feelings of trustworthiness, innovation, or excitement—but how do you know if you’ve missed the mark? You can only know for certain if your top funnel brand KPIs are being measured, such as awareness, familiarity, and favorability.

Brands and consumers can enjoy more authentic, lasting interactions if they are supported by real consumers voices and branded content.

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