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by Adam

As the end of 2021 comes into focus, the ripple effects of the pandemic aren’t the only disruptive factors for advertisers to contend with. Other factors that impact everything, including marketing strategy, channel choice, message tone, and privacy are: Channel fragmentation, privacy. Ad avoidance, privacy, adavoiding, and social responsibility.

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While the changing media landscape and consumer preferences pose a variety of problems for brands, they all have to deal with a few universal obstacles. Advertisers are faced with five major problems:

  • Ad avoidance
  • Changes in the face of Targeting
  • Brand ownership shared with consumers
  • Budgeting and growth
  • Measuring

For brands to be able assess these challenges and address them effectively, they must first have an understanding of the entire media landscape as well as a complete picture of consumers’ behavior. With this foundation, companies can create advertising strategies to address future and existing challenges and ensure data-driven, efficient business growth.

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