Audiences’ share of time streaming hits new high in March – Nielsen - Social Media Explorer

Audiences’ share of time streaming hits new high in March – Nielsen

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The streaming industry reached a milestone in March when viewers spent 30% of their television time on over-the-top content. Over February streaming gained a complete share point. This was due to streaming services benefiting from the removal of the Olympics’ final game and professional football, which helped boost fall and winter TV viewing across all broadcast networks.

Despite a slight 0.7% decrease in total streaming, viewing share across all of the streaming providers captured in The Gauge was either flat or gained slightly in March, with the “other streaming” category grabbing an additional 0.3% share as new services steadily gain traction in an ever-expanding field (“other streaming” includes any high-bandwidth video streaming on TV that is not individually broken out) .

While streaming usage fell slightly, it was still lower than total TV usage. This trend is in line with historic norms and consumers are beginning to adjust for warmer weather. Even though total usage fell, more viewers watched TV with cable. The ongoing conflict in Ukraine drove an increase of 1.6 shares points for a small increase in total volumes. 

Broadcast programming has lost more viewers than the full share, while sports viewing fell 53% month-over-month. NASCAR and the NCAA basketball tournaments helped satiate some viewers, but not enough to account for the draw of the Olympics and the Super Bowl, causing the “sports event programming” share of viewing to fall from almost 25% to 12% in March. The upside of broadcast was dramas, which accounted for one third of all total viewing.



Let me take you to the details of our methodology.

The video gives you a glimpse into the workings of The Gauge by Brian Fuhrer.


The Gauge is a monthly analysis of consumers’ access to content on key TV delivery channels, such as Broadcast, Streaming and Cable. The chart also shows the breakdown of major streaming distributors. It shows both the percentage of total television use by each streaming distributor and by category.

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