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Receiving physical mail and packages is an often overlooked piece of starting a new business, especially if your business is entirely online or distributed throughout the world. Based on two weeks of research by our in-house research team and our own experiences using a virtual mailbox, we narrowed dozens of options down to the best choices on the market, depending on what you need. In doing so, we identified iPostal1 as our top pick because it’s easy to set up 24/7 access and associated fees are kept to a minimum.

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The Best Virtual Mailbox for Most


Best for Most

Affordable pricing and plentiful features make iPostal1 a stand-out option for any business needing a virtual mailbox. Perks include nominal check depositing fees, 24/7 digital mailbox access, and up to 10 days of free package storage.

There’s no better all-around option for virtual mailboxes than iPostal1. Plans start as low as $100 per year to get all the essentials, like 30 days of storage, local pickups, insured shipping, and 24/7 access.

Better still, iPostal1 is super accommodating when selecting the associated address for your virtual mailbox. Most other providers force you into utilizing the nearest major city. iPostal1’s selection is wider and more granular, giving your business the option to get hyperlocal with your virtual address.

The Best Virtual Mailbox Options to Consider 

  1. iPostal1 – Best virtual mailbox for most
  2. Anytime Mailbox – Best virtual mailbox for small businesses
  3. US Global Mail – Best for enterprise mail management
  4. PostScanMail – Best for package forwarding
  5. Virtual Post Mail – Best for registered agent services

When It Makes Sense to Invest Into Virtual Mailboxes

As an entrepreneur or business planning to operate remotely rather than at a physical location, you must consider how business mail and packages will be received. Using your home address isn’t as secure as having an address solely for your business, and a virtual mailbox solves the problem. A virtual office usually has this feature, but you might end up paying for features you don’t need. 

With a virtual mailbox, your business can benefit from receiving regular mail digitally. The service opens and scans your mail, so you’ll never miss out on vital communication. Many services also allow mail and package forwarding or local pickups, so you can pick up the ones you need to have in your hands. 

Travelers might also find virtual mailboxes to be a good fit. Freelancers who work remotely from different locations can receive mail and payments from clients directly to their virtual mailbox.

Virtual mailboxes are generally extremely affordable, even for solopreneurs and small businesses, so you won’t need to worry about a hefty investment. Services targeting businesses range between $10-$50 a month, on average, and they usually offer discounts for annual payments. 

#1 – iPostal1 — The Best Virtual Mailbox for Most

iPostal1 logo


Best for Most

Affordable pricing and plentiful features make iPostal1 a stand-out option for any business needing a virtual mailbox. Perks include nominal check depositing fees, 24/7 digital mailbox access, and up to 10 days of free package storage.

iPostal1 offers you a package with all the key mailbox features you need, coupled with with some of the best pricing available. 

For personal or business use, iPostal1 has you covered. And, with more than 2,000 locations across the U.S., Canada, and other countries, you can likely get an address that’s more local to your workforce or customer base than you could from any other virtual mailbox provider.

This could benefit your small business if you’re looking for an address that’s near most of the customers you serve.

Businesses can access a slew of features with their iPostal1 mailbox, including:

  • Local pickups
  • Choice of shipping carriers
  • New mail email alerts
  • Around-the-clock digital scanning
  • Consolidation of pieces of mail for forwarding
  • iPhone and Android mobile app mail management

iPostal1 charges small fees for check depositing, additional package insurance, extended storage, and additional mailboxes. Businesses can even receive faxes to their mailbox. All features are available at any iPostal1 location.

Regarding pricing, iPostal1 has three different plans for families, businesses, and businesses that need a virtual office.

If you’re a freelancer or company looking solely for virtual mailbox services, choose the business address plan. These start at $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year to receive 30 mail items each month. 

Other business plans range from $14.99 per month or $149 per year for 60 mailpieces to $39.99 per month or $399 per year for 240 mailpieces. All business plans include small business must-haves, like 30 days of mail storage, insured shipping, 2 GB cloud storage, and up to four recipient names. 

Get everything you need and never sweat your mail situation again with iPostal1’s virtual mailboxes.

#2 – Anytime Mailbox — The Best Virtual Mailbox for Small Businesses

Anytime Mailbox logo

Anytime Mailbox

Best for Small Business

Get virtual mailboxes with real street addresses, mail and package forwarding, and mail scanning starting at only $4.98 a month. Many Anytime Mailbox locations and plans offer unlimited online storage for your digital mail, so you won’t need to worry about losing anything important.

Most freelancers, travelers, entrepreneurs, and businesses can find what they need in a virtual mailbox service with Anytime Mailbox.

This service offers more physical addresses than many others, with the majority in the United States and others stretching across Europe, Asia, and the rest of the globe. 

And, with monthly rates starting at $4.98, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more affordable option.

With Anytime Mailbox, you’ll get a permanent, actual street address that looks just like a physical business location. When you browse sites, you can see exactly what your address will look like before renting it. For example, a mailbox in Amarillo, Texas, will look like this:

600 S Tyler St
Suite 2100 #MAILBOX
Amarillo, TX 79101
United States

You’ll have 24/7 access to your mailbox by logging into your online account. You can look at any scanned piece of mail, manage your mail and package forwarding settings, ask for a check to be deposited, and recycle any mail you don’t need from your account. Many plans offer local pickup services, too, allowing you to pick up mail and packages during your location’s business hours. 

One crucial consideration for freelancers or business owners who plan to receive checks to their mailbox: It’s tough to find an Anytime Mailbox location with check depositing services. Out of the 50+ sites we browsed, we found only five offering the service. Currently, the website doesn’t provide a simple way to filter locations by the services you need, so you might spend a lot of time digging.

Prices for Anytime Mailbox subscriptions start at just $4.98/month. However, you won’t find many at this price. Rates vary depending on the popularity of the location and the services it offers, so large cities generally cost more than others. It’s more common to find boxes starting at $9.99 per month and moving up to $29.99 per month for more services, like unlimited digital storage. 

Most plans also include a rate reduction when you pay annually instead of monthly. All mailboxes come with a 30-day refund policy if you don’t end up using the services within the first 30 days of renting one.

Get started with Anytime Mailbox today.

#3 – US Global Mail — The Best for Enterprise Mail Management

US Global Mail logo

US Global Mail

Best for Enterprise Mail Management

Businesses of all sizes can benefit from US Global Mail features, but enterprises can enjoy affordable rates for longer-than-average storage times, unlimited mail sending and receiving, and discounted shipping rates.

Large companies that receive mail from worldwide have vastly different mail management needs than individuals and small businesses. US Global Mail caters to the needs of enterprises, such as Netflix and Shell, with its paperless mail management services backed by secure and environmentally friendly features.

Compared to other virtual mailboxes, US Global Mail offers lots of perks to enterprises. For instance, your account integrates with other tools your business uses, like QuickBooks, to keep invoices and payments organized. Companies can also get as much as 80% off regular shipping rates when they need packages forwarded to another location.

Security is also a significant focus of this company. Subscribers get bank-grade encryption for their accounts, keeping all mailpieces securely in a digital file. Using the simplified mail management system, you can securely download and delete any mail from your account within seconds. 

And, since large businesses tend to get more junk mail than smaller businesses, US Global Mail does its part in helping them improve the environment by planting trees to counteract the junk mail.

US Global Mail pricing for businesses starts at $359.88 per year or $39.99 per month. This package includes unlimited account names, 180 days of physical and digital mail storage, pre-sorted junk mail, and check deposits. Enterprises can also contact the company to get a custom plan that works for their specific needs. Either plan includes 30 days of risk-free usage to make sure the service is the right fit.

#4 – PostScanMail — The Best for Package Forwarding

PostScanMail logo


Best for Package Forwarding

Store and forward packages with PostScanMail more affordably than with other services. Plus, subscribers can have the service consolidate packages and choose from top shipping services to save on forwarding costs.

Depending on the service, people and businesses with a virtual mailbox may run into problems when receiving packages. Some virtual mailboxes don’t allow users to receive packages at all, while others charge hefty fees for package storage and forwarding. PostScanMail is the best option for package forwarding, ensuring affordable rates and simple package forwarding, regardless of where you are in the world.

Remote businesses that order supplies from various stores can ship them to their PostScanMail mailbox, which accepts shipments from all major carriers. Once there, choose what you want to do with your packages. One option is having the service scan package contents to see what’s arrived. You can also have PostScanMail consolidate all shipments into one box to save on shipping costs.

Your plan includes perks like free shipping instructions when you need something packaged and shipped a specific way and affordable local pickup services. International subscribers can also shop stores within the United States that normally don’t ship internationally, using their PostScanMail mailbox to receive their shipments. Then, save on pricey international shipping costs by utilizing PostScanMail’s affordable rates.

Small businesses or solo remote workers can start with PostScanMail for just $15 per month with the Starter package to receive 30 mailpieces per month. Larger companies can opt for Premium with unlimited incoming mailpieces for $30 per month. PostScanMail will store packages for free for seven days, followed by $0.10 per pound per day.

#5 – Virtual Post Mail — The Best for Registered Agent Services

Virtual Post Mail logo

Virtual Post Mail

Best for Registered Agent Services

Receive free registered agent services combined with a digital mailbox to keep your legal communications handy at all times. Virtual Post Mail saves businesses $100 or more a year with this perk while offering other features like mail shredding and free delivery confirmation.

A registered agent is required for many businesses to receive legal and government documentation. This service is just one of many that business owners need to fork out money for to run their businesses legally. But Virtual Post Mail features a unique perk: a free registered agent service for companies requiring one and subscribing to a virtual mailbox plan. 

The registered agent service is free for eligible plans. Use the service to keep your home or business address secure, get same-day scanning of documents, and forward needed documents 24/7. 

One potential downfall of Virtual Post Mail is that it currently limits its registered agent service to Delaware, California, and Nevada, the states in which it has locations. However, the business is expanding across the United States, so expect more locations to be available soon.

Virtual Post Mail plans also include the following features:

  • Up to 150 scans per month
  • Up to 20 mail recipients
  • No-contract sign-ups
  • 60-day physical mail storage
  • Package forwarding
  • Check deposits
  • Unlimited digital storage

The Starter plan is $20 per month for 25 mailpieces, which could be just enough for businesses needing a virtual mailbox just for legal communications to a registered agent. Those requiring a mailbox for all company mail and packages can choose from plans with unlimited mail, ranging from $35 to $90 per month. All plans include a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Methodology for Choosing the Best Virtual Mailboxes

Choosing the best virtual mailbox depends on a few factors. What works best for one business might not work as well for another.

To help you narrow your options, we’ve put together a list of criteria that we used to form our top list of virtual mailboxes. Our methodology details why each criterion is necessary to consider to find the right solution. 

Permanent Address vs. P.O. Box 

While some virtual mailbox services give owners a P.O. Box to receive their mail, others offer a permanent mailing address. For businesses, a permanent address is usually the better solution. Your virtual mailbox will have a physical address to use for all mailings, just like it would if you used a brick-and-mortar location for your business.

While a P.O. Box can come in handy for collecting regular mailpieces, they aren’t good options for receiving packages, as some couriers won’t deliver to them. Additionally, most banks require a physical address when opening a business banking account.

Available Business Services

Your virtual mailbox doesn’t need just to be a virtual mailbox. Some services target the needs of businesses better than others with features like package collection and forwarding. Business owners can also get mailed checks deposited without ever having to physically handle them with services like Anytime Mailbox.

Some virtual mailbox services dig even deeper to offer features like micro-logistics, in which they’ll unbox and ship items separately. Registered agent services can also come in handy for businesses that require one to receive legal documents or formally register their business.

Account Users

If your business has multiple team members who receive mail, you’ll want a virtual mailbox service that allows for additional users. 

A service like PostScanMail can create sub-accounts for people in your business to receive and check mail without needing an account of their own. The service stores their mail in their sub-account, letting them scan and view mailpieces privately.

Physical Locations

Services with hundreds to thousands of physical locations make it easier to find a virtual mailbox near you. Although your mailbox is virtual, it’s still beneficial to have one that fits your business. For instance, if you serve customers mainly in Georgia, having a physical address in Georgia and not a neighboring state makes sense.

Some services have mailboxes internationally, too, which can be helpful for businesses that serve global customers. And if your service does not offer mail or package forwarding, it’s necessary to find a physical location that’s as close as possible for convenient pickups.

Storage Length and Space

How long does a virtual mailbox store your mail in its database? How many pieces will it keep at a time? These variables differ with virtual mailbox services. Some let you store up to 30 pieces for 30 days, while others offer unlimited storage for 180+ days. 

While smaller businesses and entrepreneurs can probably save money by opting for shorter storage times, large companies likely won’t get the storage size and time they need from these more modest services.

iPostal1 logo


Best for Most

Affordable pricing and plentiful features make iPostal1 a stand-out option for any business needing a virtual mailbox. Perks include nominal check depositing fees, 24/7 digital mailbox access, and up to 10 days of free package storage.


iPostal1 is our pick for the best virtual mailbox provider for most people and businesses. Get all the essentials you’re looking for at a more-than-fair price, plus perks like shipping carrier selection and hyperlocal addresses.

Still, other options on this list might be a better fit for you, depending on your needs. Anytime Mailbox offers perhaps the best rates available for small businesses, while US Global Mail has the best prices and features for enterprises. Each option is a solid choice, and you can try them all for 30 days, risk-free, to make sure they have what you need.

Our methodology can further help you distinguish between necessary features and those that are nice to have or not needed for your situation. 

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