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According to Forrester Consulting, on behalf of Celtra, 70% of marketers spend more time creating digital advertising content than they’d prefer. But respondents noted that automating creative production will have a major impact over the next five years on ad creative design, with the most impact on:

Ecommerce Marketing Automation

  • The volume of ad campaigns (84%)
  • Improving process/workflow efficiency (83%)
  • Improving creative relevancy (82%)
  • Improving creative quality (79%)

What is a Creative Management Platform?

A creative management platform (CMP) combines a variety of display advertising tools utilized by marketing and advertising professionals into one cohesive, cloud-based platform. These tools include ad design builders capable of making dynamic creative in bulk, cross-channel publishing, and marketing data collection and analysis. 

G2, Creative Management Platforms


Celtra is a Creative Management Platform (CMP) for creating, collaborating on, and scaling your digital advertising. Creative, media, marketing, and agency teams have one place to scale campaigns and dynamic creative from global toolkits to local media. As a result, brands can slash production time and vastly reduce errors. 

Across the board, we’ve seen marketing and creative teams struggle when it comes to designing, producing, and launching marketing campaigns at scale. Marketers and Creative Operations teams are actively looking for software to improve process efficiency, workflow, scale and relevancy of their output.

Mihael Mikek, Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Celtra

While brands are struggling to keep up with the creative needs of today’s marketing and advertising, the data also revealed a number of solutions that would actively fill the gaps in their current processes and serve areas that are left uncovered by their existing approaches. When thinking of the capabilities that would most support the creation and scaling of digital advertising content, respondents desired:

  • A cohesive platform to track production, operations, and performance (42%)
  • Creative content that adapts based on data (35%)
  • Built-in metrics/testing (33%)
  • One-click creative distribution across platforms and channels (32%)
  • End-to-end workflow for multichannel digital creative (30%)

Key Celtra Features Include:

  • Make it – Output creative that’s dynamically designed and data-driven. The platform is cloud-based for real-time creative production. Dynamic creative ad builders and video builders have native, interactive experiences. Template building and management with quality assurance (QA) features are built in.
  • Manage it – Gain full control over your digital creative production and operations processes through a centralized, cloud-based platform. Visual collaboration tools with setup and previews are included in the ad design process. Creative asset portability is available across products and formats. Distribution is available across media and social platforms with scalable campaign workflow management and full platform integration into the ad tech stack.
  • Measure it – Aggregate creative data across channels to bring performance data to creative teams and provide creative data to media teams. The platform has standard display and video metrics, a report builder, and visualization via a dashboard. There’s also a bulk export or reporting API for integrating performance results.

From scaling digital advertising content to global toolkits, performance creative, and building and activating premium ad suites, advertisers and media companies can do it all with Celtra’s Creative Automation solutions.

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