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Because Martech Zone is quite popular, I get hundreds of submissions a day through the site. Most are comment spam which Akismet does a pretty good job at flagging. However, comment spam isn’t something that’s too difficult to identify or that eats up my time. The real culprit for irritating spam on my site happens via form submissions on my contact form and article submission forms.

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These form alerts are important to me, typically connecting me with prospective clients as well as providing opportunities for public relations and businesses to share their platforms with me. Weeding and reading through the hundreds of automated submissions is time-consuming and frustrating. When I updated my form plugin on my site recently to improve my site speed, I also looked for a solution to help combat all of the form SPAM that I was getting… and I found it.


CleanTalk is a cloud-based service that sends all form submissions to CleanTalk’s platform and automatically rejects SPAM entries. Best of all, Formidable (the form plugin I’m using) integrates seamlessly with the service… so I didn’t even have to configure anything.

With the paid version… which is only $1 per month, I was able to review all previous account registrations, comments, and form submissions to weed out spam that had gotten through my reviews.

Is it working? Well, here are the incredible results for the last week:

There are over 694,000 sites that utilize CleanTalk and they have plugins and add-ons that work for WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, as well as a robust API that anyone can integrate their site or services with. You can even do away with CAPTCHA elements on your forms when you utilize their service!

CleanTalk protects your site from spam bots and spam in comments, orders, widgets, registrations, bookings, contact emails, subscriptions, or any other custom web form. Benefits include:

  • Imperceptible spam – Imperceptible spam protection on your site helps you give visitors a convenient and easy way to create an account or post a comment. You’ll be able to get growth of comments, registrations, as well as increase conversion rates.
  • Reliable algorithms – CleanTalk algorithms ensure reliability and accuracy against spambots. It will save you time and resources, allowing you to focus on developing and improving your website and business. CleanTalk provides logs of all the processed requests that allow you to check the results of spam filters. Regular analysis of parameters allows you to find new spam patterns of behavior.
  • Statistics – CleanTalk provides statistics in real time for all received registrations/comments, allowing you to control the process completely. Logs can be used to provide analysis on your website by spam activity for Countries, IPs, IP networks, and emails. Every week you’ll receive a summary report with all of the events processed by CleanTalk. If you accidentally delete a message, you can find it in the log.
  • All-in-one solution – CleanTalk makes protecting all of your website forms – comments, registration, feedback, contacts, orders, and others. No need to install additional plugins for each form. You can save resources and increase the performance of your website. Manage and control all messages on your website in one place. Powerful protection and performance for your website.
  • Simple installation and easy to use – no need to change the code or study instructions. We have developed simple and convenient plugins for the most popular CMS. Connecting the site to the service takes less than a minute, just install one of their anti-spam plugins and your website is protected. For non-CMS websites, they have developed a universal anti-spam plugin.
  • Support – CleanTalk provides 24/7 technical support, giving you an assurance that you will get a quick response, decision, or advice on all your questions.

We’re so impressed with the service that we’ve added it to our list of best WordPress plugins for business.

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Disclosure: Martech Zone isn’t an affiliate of CleanTalk, we just appreciate their service and wanted to share it. We are an affiliate for Akismet and WordPress, so we have those affiliate links in this article.

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