CometChat API and SDK for Text, Voice, or Video Chat

Whether you’re building a web application, Android app, or iOS app, enhancing your platform with the ability for your customers to chat with your internal team is an incredible way to improve customer experience and deepen engagement with your organization.

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CometChat enables developers to build a reliable and full-featured chat experience into any mobile or web app. Features include 1-to-1 Text Chat, Group Text Chat, Typing & Read Indicators, Single Sign-On (SSO), Voice & Video Calling, Online Presence Indicators, Webhooks & Bots, Rich Media Attachments, Message History, and Custom Messages.

Their chat API and robust software developer kits (SDK) are made specifically to help you ship faster and to be completely flexible with three simple steps:

  1. Install SDKs – Software developer kits are available for Android, iOS, and JavaScript. And they all work together, so cross-platform is easily set up.
  2. Connect Securely – A single line of code sets up a secure connection to CometChat’s service using the same underlying protocol as WhatsApp.
  3. Build Your Experience – Use your UI elements with CometChat’s SDKs and build the features and extensions you need to create the complete experience.

CometChat also has comprehensive code examples available for free on GitHub. The SDKs work fantastic in Angular, React, React Native, Swift, Kotlin, PHP, Java, Laravel, Flutter, Firebase, NextJS, VueJS, and more. Tutorials include how to build a livestream app, a Snapchat clone, Clubhouse clone app, Flutter Chat app, WebEx Clone Chat App, an encrypted HIPAA Compliant Telemedicine App, Zoom Clone App, Discord Clone Chat App, WhatsApp clone, Slack Clone, Tinder Clone, and many more!

Pricing is Pay-As-You-Go and depends on the features and usage. With CometChat’s Free Forever plan, you can prototype, build and test for as long as you need for up to 25 monthly active users. Don’t pay a thing until you’re ready to scale! 

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Disclosure: I am an affiliate for CometChat and I’m using my affilaite link in this article.

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