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Let us introduce you to one of our most diligent writers, Stephanie Putt. After eight years of writer success with Constant Content, Stephanie has earned a reputation for her endless energy, enthusiasm, clarity, and reliability. This makes her one of our top go-to writers when one of our Enterprise clients needs solid content, especially for automotive content and product descriptions for big online retailers. 

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Stephanie, we’re so happy to have you featured in our writer success stories series. We’ve collaborated on a number of projects over the last few years, and I’d love to share your story with our writer community. When did you join the platform, and how did you start earning with us?

Thank you! While I cannot remember the exact year I came to Constant Content, it was a while ago–around 2014 or 2015. A friend recommended the site for writing your own articles, but I fell into the Enterprise writing world pretty quickly. I liked getting assignments and writing a story to match them, whether that involved short product descriptions or longer blog-type posts. 

I discovered the hard way that taking on too much leads to a focus on quantity instead of quality, and poor writing is not fair to clients or to myself.

Over time, my role with Constant Content has evolved, as any good job should. I moved into longer-form content, usually 500 to 800 words, though I still enjoy the challenge of a product description. I have several steady Enterprise client jobs that keep me busy, but not too busy. I discovered the hard way that taking on too much leads to a focus on quantity instead of quality, and poor writing is not fair to clients or to myself. I want to make sure that I give my best to those who trust me with their writing tasks.

What type of content have you been creating for Constant Content all this time, and what are your favorite types of assignments?

I feel like I have been around the world and back again with the type of content I have been creating for Constant Content for the past seven or so years. I did travel content for a while before moving into product descriptions for several years. I also wrote my own articles for a time, especially after having my kids when I had a lot of insight into pregnancy, parenting, etc. 

I found my way to creating automotive content in 2019—my best fit by far when it comes to what I write for Constant Content. I go to incredible lengths to research cars when I am thinking about purchasing a new one, and I love sharing that insight with others. I enjoy reading about new vehicle models, the latest enhancements, and writing about the type of driver that would enjoy that make and model. Of course, I took it too far after two years of writing automotive blogs and went and purchased a new car! 

You’ve mentioned to me in passing that you’re passionate about running Is that part of what keeps you energized as a writer?

Running is both relaxing and energizing for me. I don’t run with headphones—no music, no podcasts, no audiobooks—and I rarely run with a group. So, for twenty to forty miles a week, it is just me, my thoughts, and the open trail (or a good Hallmark movie if I’m on the treadmill). It alleviates constant thinking and the unrelenting sense that something needs to be done, and of course, it gives me a break from writing. If I’m not having fun when running—no matter the mileage and no matter my time—I’m doing it wrong. 

For me, writing is like running: if I’m not having fun, I’m doing it wrong.

Can you give us a glimpse of your daily writing process so other writers can learn how it leads to writer success?

I try to keep a good rotation and schedule of writing projects, which I think is key to a successful process. I might be old school, but I keep a handwritten list of all the Constant Content projects that I have due at any specific time. If I have fifteen automotive blogs to write, I list them all on my notepad and cross each one off one by one as I complete them. 

For an automotive blog, it is all about research. Look at the manufacturer’s site, read other reviews of the vehicle, and see how it ranks among its competitors. That is usually how I start my process, and then I go from there. I have a standard outline that I have perfected over time in order to hit the key points and deliver what the client wants. So, research, outline, write, and edit. 

I can’t say that I have a daily writing process; I have been a writer for over fifteen years, so it is just a part of my daily life now. I wake up, send the kids to school, and then sit down at the computer and write. When you do what you love, and what you’re good at, it’s easy to get into the groove.

How did you get connected with your repeat clients? Did you respond to casting calls or public requests on Constant Content, or did you get assigned work—or was it a combination of the above?

In the beginning, I mainly responded to casting calls to connect with Enterprise clients. Over the past few years, I respond to casting calls and accept assigned work by the in-house Constant Content team, based on the relationship we’ve built over the last number of years. I love the rotation that I have right now; it’s the perfect amount of writing for me, enough to keep my brain active and occupied but also manageable enough that I have time for other pursuits as well (mainly more running).

Do you have any final words of wisdom to help the Constant Content writers find their own writer success?

My best advice for other writers on Constant Content would be this: write about what you know and love. Sure, product descriptions might not be your passion, but you can still have fun with them as long as you find the right client with a voice that matches your own interests. I started with travel location descriptions, which was so great for a travel fan like me. This kept me with Constant Content so I could find what other writing assignments matched my personality and interests. For me, writing is like running: if I’m not having fun, I’m doing it wrong.

What a positive approach, Stephanie. No wonder our team and clients love working with you! I look forward to our shared adventures on upcoming projects in the weeks and months to come.

For all our readers, you can check out Stephanie’s public profile on the Constant Content platform here.

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