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This month’s writer success story profiles Jack Ryan, a consistent, enthusiastic, versatile writer who is known for his professionalism, quick responses, and reliability. He writes for the Marketplace and is also sought out by our in-house staff when we have custom requests from our managed clients.

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How did you hear about Constant Content, when did you join the platform, and how did you start earning with us as a freelance writer?

I learned about Constant Content by searching for different writing platforms. I already had a few years of experience writing for clients on other websites. However, none of these websites gave me the opportunity to write about any topics and upload them to sell on a marketplace.

After learning more about Constant Content, I decided to join the platform near the end of 2018. Initially, I only uploaded a few articles to the marketplace, and I was surprised to receive an email that my first article had sold in less than a month. Selling my first article on the marketplace motivated me to keep submitting new articles.

I also began to notice that the number of articles I sold on the marketplace continued to increase as I wrote about a variety of topics. The ability to write about nearly any topic while setting my own price only further motivated me to focus on building my catalog.

One of the main reasons Constant Content is my favorite platform is that it allows me to write on any topic, and I can set my own price. My experience with other platforms was that I didn’t have as much control in setting my prices. 

What type of content have you created for Constant Content, and what are your favorite types of assignments?

Most of my articles initially focused on IT-related topics. I already had a few years of experience in writing for an agency that worked with managed IT service providers, which made it easier for me to write these articles. I also began to write in other categories, whether it was marketing, home improvement, web development, or other topics.

I still submit IT and cybersecurity articles on a regular basis, but I also enjoy writing in different categories. Writing on a variety of topics allows me to reach a bigger audience, and it’s always interesting to research and learn new things. Setting weekly writing goals also helps to keep me motivated to submit new articles.

What is it like working with Constant Content as compared to other freelance platforms?

One of the main reasons Constant Content is my favorite platform is that it allows me to write on any topic, and I can set my own price. My experience with other platforms was that I didn’t have as much control in setting my prices. 

Work can sometimes be sporadic on these other websites, but Constant Content gives me the flexibility to write at any time without having to rely on getting work from other clients. The editors have also been very friendly and helpful here, which is a major plus.

You’ve had success connecting with clients who like your work and come back to you for more. How did you get connected with those clients?

I’ve worked with several clients that sent me private requests on Constant Content. Many of these clients had previously bought articles from my catalog before they reached out to ask me about writing for private requests. I’ve also completed a few requests by responding to emails from the in-house staff at Constant Content. 

Overall, I’ve written almost 600 articles for private requests since joining this platform. My main advice is this: Always be responsive to potential and existing clients while consistently meeting your deadlines. Over time, this helps build trust and can lead to ongoing work with the same clients.

Can you give us a glimpse of your daily writing process so other writers can learn how it leads to writer success?

I have a weekly spreadsheet that includes all of my upcoming deadlines with clients to help me stay organized. Typically, I will focus on writing articles with the nearest due date. Writing these articles a few days ahead of the deadline gives me the flexibility to take my time without feeling rushed.

My writing process usually begins after breakfast, as I will write for two to three hours before taking a break. After lunch, I’ll start writing again for a few more hours until I finish for the evening. Sometimes I write another article at night if it fits within my schedule. Typically, I write for around six hours each weekday, which includes work from clients, and I also upload articles to the catalog. 

I keep track of everything I write each day; this allows me to measure my productivity while making it easier to meet weekly and monthly financial goals. Keeping track of this information in a spreadsheet helps me stay motivated, and it’s also helpful to look back at my workload to get a better idea of seasonal trends over a long period of time.

Always be responsive to potential and existing clients while consistently meeting your deadlines. Over time, this helps build trust and can lead to ongoing work with the same clients.

How does writing for Constant Content enhance your creative writing practice and accommodate your lifestyle outside of writing for the platform?

Writing for Constant Content gives me the freedom to work at my own pace. I enjoy being able to work as much as I want or take some time off to spend with family or friends. I don’t do any creative writing projects for myself, but I do like to read many books. I’ve been an avid reader since I was a child, as I feel that reading a variety of authors has made it easier for me to research and write articles.

Taking a break from writing while reading a great book is one of my favorite pastimes. I also love to watch sports, play video games, and be outdoors. Focusing on yourself is a great way to avoid feeling burned out as a writer, and it can really improve your creativity during the writing process. It’s important to make time for yourself by enjoying your hobbies. 

What types of learning resources have you previously used or currently use to hone your craft?

I write all of my articles while using Grammarly to catch any mistakes or typos. I also spend a lot of time learning about new topics to gain a better understanding of the subject matter before I begin writing an article. I’ve been a freelance writer for around five and a half years, and I always look for better ways to do things and learn from past mistakes. Sometimes experience is the best teacher, whether it’s learning how to deal with clients or finding ways to become a more efficient writer.

Do you have a passion or creative outlet, outside of your writing, that enhances your life as a writer?

I enjoy being active, whether it’s lifting weights, playing basketball, or even going on a twenty-minute walk to relax. Focusing on being active each day makes it much easier for me to write; I don’t usually struggle to come up with new ideas when I stay active. It can be tempting to write for long stretches, but I’ve noticed that writing is easier if I take breaks throughout the day. Making time to exercise each day also makes a big difference in helping me stay creative.

Do you have any final words of wisdom to help the Constant Content writers find their own writer success?

One of the best ways to succeed at Constant Content is to keep writing and adding to your catalog. Building your catalog over time doesn’t only increase the chance of selling articles but also helps you attract potential long-term clients. Set attainable goals for yourself, whether you plan to write an article each day or if you want to focus your efforts on a specific category. 

Making an effort to write over a long period of time will also greatly improve your writing ability. Experimenting with different prices on your article is also important. I think that many writers on the Constant Content platform would be surprised that they can still sell their articles while charging higher prices. Always meeting your deadlines with clients and being responsive are other great ways to build your reputation while making it easier for you to obtain long-term work.

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