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Jabmo Global Omnichannel Account-Based Marketing ABM Platform

Imagine you’re preparing to make a big purchase. Let’s say it’s a new car. Would you walk right into any dealership and talk to a sales representative? Or would you take your time and research online, weighing your options to find the perfect fit without talking to a salesperson?

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Most modern consumers take the latter approach. And now, so do most business-to-business (B2B) buyers when choosing the right products and services for their business needs. The B2B world has gone digital. Buying cycles have gotten longer and buying groups have grown larger—making selling more complex than ever before.

Large committees of stakeholders, not just one or two individuals, are responsible for purchasing decisions and spend 50 to 70 percent of the buying journey researching anonymously online.


These unknown, digital-first B2B buying groups rarely provide contact details or interact with Sales during the research phase. By the time they do, it’s too late for businesses to educate key decision-makers on their solutions or shape a group’s final decision.

The challenges are only magnified for global B2B enterprises in industries where sales are already complex, like manufacturing and life sciences. With so many divisions, thousands of product and service offerings, and multiple months-long buying cycles, it’s even harder to get a handle on what key accounts are interested in and where they are in the buying journey.

In response, B2B marketers are taking back control. They’re exploring new strategies and tools to:

  • Reveal all accounts researching their website anonymously – and what products or services they’re interested in
  • Select the most valuable accounts to target with account-based marketing (ABM)
  • Engage and educate buying groups early, while they’re still deciding what to buy  
  • Sense when buying intent surges
  • And arm sales reps with actionable insights to strike at the right time

Now it’s all possible with one platform: Jabmo, the whole solution for data-driven sales and marketing.

Powering Sales and Marketing Performance for Industry Leaders

Jabmo is the only comprehensive omnichannel ABM platform, complete with managed services. Highly specialized in the unique needs of marketers in manufacturing, life sciences, and healthcare, Jabmo has powered ABM for the world’s largest companies in these industries.

With Jabmo, these industry leaders are able to establish a single source of truth for buying group behavior, drive more efficient Sales and Marketing engagement, and ultimately grow revenue with key accounts.

How? It all starts before an ABM program even begins.

  • Jabmo’s domain-IP Account Sensing technology enables marketers to identify all accounts researching on their website anonymously, even those not yet on the radar. Website visits are matched to key accounts, so marketers can identify account-level surges in specific topics and products of interest.
  • An advanced intent scoring system automatically assigns each account a buying intent score from 0 to 100, based on a comprehensive evaluation of first-party engagement data, company attributes, and customizable filters. The evaluation can be customized with specific criteria—such as industries and sectors, countries and regions, and accounts and divisions—for dynamic results. These intent scores help clients prioritize the most valuable accounts for marketing and sales outreach.

Taking a True Omnichannel Approach

Then, marketers can reach target accounts with Omnichannel Account-Based Advertising, made possible by Jabmo’s proprietary IP-based advertising technology and its direct integrations with Xandr, Google, Microsoft LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and ON24.

Marketers can send highly relevant, personalized marketing messages to key account buying groups—known and anonymous members alike—wherever and whenever they are online. This includes IP display ads, social ads, LinkedIn, and email. Each of these individual channels will generate engagement on its own. But ABM is the most effective when all channels work together, guiding entire buying groups through every stage of a highly orchestrated, consistent, and personalized digital journey.

For Jabmo customers, there is no need to worry about how their advertising programs will be impacted by the looming ban on third-party cookies. Jabmo’s technology does not (and has never) relied on their use.

Notably, Jabmo is the only ABM vendor with truly global ad reach across the Americas, EMEA and APAC. This is crucial for B2B companies operating on a global scale that need to target accounts worldwide without restrictions on language or location—while complying with international privacy regulations.  

Driving Engagement with Personalization

Beyond personalized ads, marketers can also tailor their websites for their most important accounts. Whenever key accounts visit the website, Jabmo’s website personalization capabilities deliver custom messaging, content, and offers for a more engaging experience.

One Jabmo client that serves multiple different industries commented, “We don’t want our key accounts to have a standard experience on our website. For example, if a global cosmetics company visits our site, we want them to see specific images, specific content, and a specific journey and path. Now that’s all possible thanks to the work we’re doing with Jabmo.”

Creating a Single Source of Truth for Marketing Data

At the core of Jabmo’s entire solution is its Account-Data Platform (ADP). The ADP solves one of the top challenges for B2B marketers today: getting a big-picture view of all their engagement data to uncover actionable insights into buying intent.

With so many marketing channels and advertising platforms at their disposal, B2B marketers are finding it increasingly difficult to live without an ADP. Most teams do not have the tools or in-house resources to bring their data together for analysis at the account level. This is where Jabmo clients gain a major advantage.

Through API-level integrations with all major marketing and advertising platforms, Jabmo’s ADP unites first-party engagement data—from the website, advertising, webinar, and email activity—for account-level analysis. This creates a single source of truth for buyers’ behavior at an account level. From there, marketers can monitor key account engagement uplift across all channels, determine which efforts are effective, and uncover real-time buying intent surges.  

Jabmo integrations

Empowering Sales with Actionable Insights

Marketing needs to do more than just uncover key account insights; they need to rapidly feed relevant insights to sales so their reps can get to deals first.  

Jabmo makes it happen with sales enablement tools that separate the signal from the noise. The platform delivers actionable insights to sales reps, right where they are already working—in email and in Salesforce.

The platform sends two types of personalized email alerts to key account sales managers, based on their individual portfolio:

  • Real-time surge alerts: When buying intent surges within an account, this triggers an email to the appropriate key account sales manager, who can reach out with relevant offers.
  • Weekly account reports: Each sales manager gets a weekly report summarizing marketing engagement for multiple accounts in their portfolio.

Jabmo also delivers account-based insights through its integration with Salesforce. Within the Salesforce application, the Jabmo Insights tab and Jabmo Account Engagement Reports show buying intent surges and key account activity across all channels, which reveal how accounts are coming to key pages, most engaged locations, and most engaged pages.

Overall, these insights help key account sale managers make the most of their time and prioritize outreach to accounts getting ready to buy.

Jabmo has really helped us improve communication and collaboration between our sales and marketing teams. This alignment has truly supercharged our sales efforts, and we’re already seeing new opportunities, bigger deals, and incredible company growth.

Jabmo Client Testimonial on Sales Enablement Capabilities

Proving Marketing Power

Marketing teams have long struggled to demonstrate their impact to stakeholders, making it harder to secure more budget or expand their programs. The Jabmo platform includes an ROI Calculator to help marketers demonstrate the value of ABM in a controlled, scientific way.

First, Jabmo helps clients set up control and ABM groups. As campaigns progress, the ROI Calculator compares results between the two groups, enabling marketers to show their impact on key metrics and get buy-in from stakeholders to double down on ABM.

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Bolstering In-House Teams with Managed Services

Launching a successful ABM program requires a lot of time, budget, and skill. Many B2B companies are relatively new to digital selling and just don’t have the resources or in-house talent to handle everything internally. That’s where Jabmo’s managed services come into play.

Jabmo’s experts know what works for specific industries and how to build beautiful ads and emails that get results. Jabmo’s managed services supplement clients’ in-house marketing teams, handling everything around campaign tactics and execution. Clients can then stay focused on high-level strategy and sales alignment to achieve business goals.

Why Jabmo for Vertical-Specific ABM

Most ABM vendors in the marketplace focus on technology clients. Jabmo, on the other hand, is uniquely focused on the needs of marketers in manufacturing, life sciences, healthcare, business services. In these industries, sales cycles are particularly complex, making ABM needs very different than in the tech space.

Tech companies grow by winning net new accounts. But global manufacturing, healthcare, and life sciences companies grow by expanding their relationships with existing accounts. This means selling more to the top 20 percent of key accounts that already generate 80 percent of their revenues. Here, ABM use cases could include new product or service launches, regional and international expansions, or renewals and upgrades.

Through years of experience, Jabmo’s experts have gained a deep understanding of the unique challenges marketers face in these target industries. Jabmo provides the proven technology, data, media, services, and know-how that clients need to go deep on key accounts, drive revenue growth, and ultimately become leaders in the new world of digital B2B marketing.

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Case Study: Jabmo in Action

One great ABM success story comes from First Onsite Property Restoration. First Onsite is a leading disaster recovery and property reconstruction company that specializes in multiple practice areas and industries.  

Most restoration and reconstruction business is reactive. First disaster strikes, and then people reach out for help. But First Onsite knew a reactive model was not conducive to accelerated revenue growth. Its marketing and sales teams set out to proactively educate prospects and clients on its full range of high-quality services, and then secure contracts with key accounts as their property restoration partner of choice—long before disaster ever happens.

First Onsite partnered with Jabmo to develop ABM campaigns around specific use cases—and then select the right target accounts.. A few  campaign examples include:

  • Industry-specific campaigns where messaging speaks to the unique needs of specific verticals
  • Acquisition campaigns that reintroduce new additions to the First Onsite family.
  • Natural disaster-focused campaigns that encourage key accounts in frequently affected regions to proactively prepare for natural disasters.
  • Master service agreement (MSA) awareness campaigns that drive engagement with companies after they name First Onsite as their partner of choice.

When anonymous buying group members visit the First Onsite website, Jabmo identifies each visitor’s company IP address and to monitor research activity at the account level. Then, Jabmo delivers tailored messaging to buying group members within key accounts via: IP-based display advertising, LinkedIn advertising, and account-based advertising and retargeting on Instagram and Facebook. Both known and anonymous buying group members within target accounts reliably receive tailored ads with zero wastage.

Jabmo’s Account Data Platform unites all IP and first-party data from the website, ads, and social platforms, then its account-level analytics uncover insights into buying intent. First Onsite’s marketing team monitors uplifts in account-level engagement and buying intent across all channels – in real-time -and can even see which divisions or regions that interest is coming from. Armed with timely insights, sales reps reach out at the perfect time with offers, meeting requests, and more. The company has begun securing MSA with key accounts, who now have the procedures in place to call First Onsite when disaster does happen. These data-driven insights have even helped uncover opportunities with accounts or divisions that were not yet on First Onsite’s radar.

Today, Sales is leveraging Jabmo’s Salesforce integration for even deeper key account insights, and individual sales reps are bringing accounts or new use cases to Marketing for ABM campaigns. Ultimately, an omnichannel ABM strategy, actionable data, and Jabmo’s enabling technology and services have driven strong Sales & Marketing alignment and success.

Like First Onsite, your company can power data-driven sales and marketing with Jabmo.

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