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Embrace change in your media planning: 3 pillars of effectiveness

Ecommerce Marketing Automation
by Adam

Over the past 18+ months of uncertainty, consumer lifestyles have changed dramatically—everything from where we work and how children engage in schooling, to where we shop and how much time we spend with friends and family. These changes in consumer habits and media interests mean that advertising models have to change and brands must adapt to reach customers effectively. 

Brands will allocate their advertising budgets in 2020 based on the paradox of growing media consumption while decreasing marketing budgets. With that, a brand’s ability to create genuine connections between itself and consumers grew increasingly important. Today disruption is the norm. Marketers must continue to navigate it and plan for the uncertain future. 

Planning for future uncertainty isn’t just about changing processes; in order to thrive, it’s critical to shift from a fixed mindset to one of growth. Companies can successfully navigate constant disruption by placing their planning efforts in the context of people, changing strategies and tactics and increasing efficiency with connected planning. This paper dives into the importance of treating media planning as an always-on exercise rather than something done yearly—and how brands stand to become wiser through experimentation and experience.

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