Facebook Launches 'Campaign Ideas Generator' to Help Businesses with their Promotional Efforts

Stuck for ideas for your Facebook and Instagram campaigns?

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This might help – today, Facebook has launched a new Campaign Ideas Generator mini-site, which aims to help spark inspiration for your promotional approaches through various insights, templates and recommendations, specific to seasonal events and business types.

As explained by Facebook:

The Campaign Ideas Generator provides campaign ideas, pre-made assets and resources that are specific to your small business needs.”

Sounds a bit weird? Yeah, it kind of seems like it is, like only you can come up with your own, original campaigns, and that these might be more ‘cookie-cutter’ type solutions. But there are actually some helpful prompts and pointers here, which could assist in getting your promotions up and active.

To get started, first head to the Campaign Ideas Generator website and select your business vertical and promotional focus.

As you can see down the bottom, you can select your business type, and what time of year you’re looking to run your promotion. Not all verticals are listed, but at present, these are your options:

Facebook Campaign Ideas Generator

Choose the right details, then click ‘Get Campaign Ideas’ and Facebook will provide you with a range of pointers and notes to guide you in the right direction.

Facebook Campaign Ideas Generator

As you can see here, there are three sections to the recommendations listings – ‘Campaign Ideas’, ‘Data and Insights’ and ‘Resources’. 

Campaign Ideas outlines a range of quick prompts to spark your thinking (note: I’ve selected ‘Retail’ and ‘Christmas’ for this example overview).

Facebook Campaign Ideas Generator

I mean, those do seem a bit cookie-cutter, and you probably don’t want to use the exact wording listed. But they could help to prompt your approach, and get you thinking along the right lines to maximize your outreach. 

The Data and Insights tab, meanwhile, provides a range of data points based on your chosen parameters:

Facebook Campaign Ideas Generator

You can use the filters to hone in your search, and find more relevant insights for your campaigns. And finally, the Resources tab highlights case studies and other reports to help better inform your strategy.

These are some valuable tools, and definitely, if you’re seeking direction, the info listed will likely get your brain moving, and help you on your way. 

In addition to this, Facebook has also included what it’s calling its ‘Organic Post Pack’ within each result, which includes a range of post templates that you can use on your Facebook Page.

Facebook Campaign Ideas Generator

Again, it may feel like you’re taking a generic approach – and of course, creating your own, original content is always the better way to go. But not all brands have the resources for such, and in those cases, these templates and tools could be a good consideration to help maximize your Facebook presence, and boost connection with your audience.

Branding is critically important, and maintaining a consistent style and approach can play a big role within this. That’s another aspect to consider when utilizing templates, but the ideas presented here could also provide inspiration for your approach, and help to steer you on the right track.

If nothing else, the data insights could be valuable, and it could be a great reference to bookmark for those days when you’re feeling stuck in your approach.

You can check out Facebook’s Campaign Ideas Generator here.

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