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There are just too many meetings to pack into your day and not enough time to record those valuable touch points. Even pre-pandemic, sales and marketing teams typically had over 9 external meetings a day and now with remote and hybrid working bedding in for the longer-term, virtual meeting volumes are soaring. Keeping an accurate record of these meetings to ensure that relationships are nurtured and valuable contact data is not lost has become a daunting and time consuming task, and that is where voice to CRM solutions can buy you time, support lead generation and conserve your energy.

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Hey DAN Voice to CRM Assistant

Voice to CRM assistant Hey DAN transcribes meetings and deposits contact details and meeting take-aways seamlessly into CRM databases. A Fortune 500 favorite, this voice assistant works with any CRM, including Salesforce, MS Dynamics, and Hubspot. It improves CRM adoption, increases data quality by over 200%, and delivers an average of 4-6 hours per week of additional selling time. With the goal of improving client insights and eliminating administrative burden, it has the app functionality and stringent security protocol to instantly capture meeting notes, business cards, organize follow-ups and manage expenses.

How Can Voice to CRM Accuracy at Hey DAN Support Lead Generation?

Ensuring that follow-ups are made to the right person at the right time and sales teams are armed with the right background intelligence, is an essential component of a successful sales strategy. Hey DAN’s research shows that if a sales representative waits just one day before entering meeting notes into a CRM system, up to 40% of the details of that engagement are lost. To empower sales teams to do what they do best, building and strengthening mutually beneficial relationships, accurate and timely CRM data entry is critical. Voice to CRM software offers an instant and precise solution. 

Over the past decade, meeting transcription services for CRM databases have moved away from entirely human resourced operations towards robotic assistants. Interestingly, despite being relatively new to the game, these bots are also capable of impressive accuracy rates. 

We have seen voice to CRM accuracy improve significantly over the last couple of years, with error rates going down from 19% in 2019 to 12% in 2021. Voice to CRM solutions are steadily improving their algorithms and our editorial team provides an extra check to ensure that output transcription errors are minimized to around 1% – this powerful combination is why Fortune 500 companies trust us. Marrying technology with people is the perfect balance between being efficient and getting it right.

Kate Zeid, Growth & Operations SVP at Hey Dan

All this time saving and accurate data capture can be used to paint a clearer picture of a prospect and equip sales teams to take a more holistic approach to closing a deal. Powerful data can lead to magical connections, such as identifying information asymmetry between what a customer wants to learn and what a sales team knows about a product. It can enable teams to gauge how warm a lead is and re-engage at the right time and in the best way. Data analysis at scale could also lead to spotting customer need trends and inform the next round of product or service development.

Building Sales Team Continuity

Sales team attrition can be a challenge, in many industries sales employee tenure can be less than 2 years. Alongside managing the headache of recruiting a replacement for a strong performer, is the heartache of potentially losing the customer relationships which they have built-up over time and the potential cost of forfeiting their business. 

Memorializing accurate and in-depth meeting data is the key to succession planning. By ensuring that the details of a customer meeting, from potential deal numbers agreed over Zoom to remembering to congratulate a founder on a business anniversary, are set down instantly and clearly in a CRM database you have successfully secured the future of that relationship.

At Hey DAN our voice to CRM software has transcribed over 1 million meetings, representing more than 620,000 minutes of audio. Providing an institutional memory by delivering smart data for both Fortune 500 sales teams and smaller entrepreneurial outfits, ensures relationship continuity and ultimately drives sales.

Kate Zeid, Growth & Operations SVP at Hey Dan

Reassuringly CRM compatible software, Hey DAN, can alleviate the time drain of recalling details of the numerous meetings which unfolded over the course of a hectic day. It is also encouraging that this evolving voice to CRM technology is continually improving on its impressive accuracy track record, as algorithms continue to close the gap between human recall and bot ability.

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