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As a writer, you’ve likely experienced writer’s block at some point in your practice. It can be daunting to overcome this creative block and get your writing projects done. Read on to learn how freewriting helps overcome writer’s block. It can also help spark your creativity and get back on track with accomplishing your content-writing goals.

The late Bernard Malamud, author of the well-known novel The Natural, said, “You write by sitting down and writing. There’s no particular time or place — you suit yourself, your nature. How one works, assuming he’s disciplined, doesn’t matter.” Take his advice and simply sit down with your laptop, tablet, or smartphone and begin writing. You may surprise yourself with what comes out of your creative mind.

Consider the following benefits of freewriting when you experience writer’s block. 

1. Increases Vulnerability in Writing

If you want your writing to become more engaging with today’s tech-savvy, busy readers, learn how to be more vulnerable in your writing tone. Practicing freewriting can help you spark your creativity and increase your vulnerability as a writer. Freewriting is solely done for you. That means you don’t have to show your finished content to anyone. This process can help you to feel more comfortable getting vulnerable in your writing. When you consistently practice freewriting, that gives you a chance to get better at writing with vulnerability in all your projects—and it can be a good addition to your writer self-care regimen.  

2. Enhances Your Self-Confidence Level

Maybe you don’t feel as confident in your writing abilities as you’d like to feel. If you practice freewriting, that can help you gain more confidence as you take the time to write without editing and provide time to express yourself. You may be surprised at what you discover when you finish freewriting. It’s likely that you’ll have created something good. That can become the perfect building block to continue to grow as a writer — and increase your confidence level.

3. Improves Your Writing Skills

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “Practice makes perfect.” According to, “This proverb has been traced back to the 1550–60s in Europe when its form was ‘Use makes perfect.’” The Latin version is Uses promptos facit. This phrase was first used in the United States in the Diary and Autobiography of John Adams.

When you regularly practice freewriting, this can help you to improve your writing skills. Sure, freewriting is just that — free, without rules. However, the more you write, even if it’s just freewriting, the more it gives you a chance to improve your skills. Your writing skills won’t improve if you are not writing each day. You may not have writing projects to complete daily. However, you can use freewriting as a chance to practice important factors of writing such as grammar, spelling, tone, creativity, and vulnerability.  

4. Cultivates Positive Writing Habits

Freewriting can become an invaluable tool to help you develop better writing habits. When you freewrite, that can cultivate a productive cycle of creativity in your life as a writer. Since there really are no rules with freewriting — except to simply write — it will likely become a favorite pastime of yours. Of course, you can’t freewrite all the time since you have other writing projects that you need to accomplish. Yet, if you implement freewriting into your daily or weekly schedule, that can improve the way your write and how often you accomplish your writing project goals.

Embrace the Benefits of Freewriting in Your Writing Career

If you need to get your creative juices flowing, take some time to freewrite. You’ll likely see benefits in how it can increase vulnerability in your writing style. Freewriting can enhance your self-confidence as a writer. It can help you improve the way you write so your writing engages readers more. Consistently practicing freewriting, even when you’re not experiencing writer’s block, can help you cultivate positive writing habits.

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