How the Major eCommerce Website Platforms Align with Google's Core Web Vitals Update [Infographic]

Back in June, Google released its ‘Core Web Vitals’ search algorithm update, which factors in a range of new experience elements relating to page load times, responsiveness and visual stability, all of which can now have a direct impact on your search rankings.

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Each aspect could reduce your SEO performance – but how do you know what that impact might be, and whether you’re aligning with the latest best practices?

Well, the answer is that you can test it. Google offers a Core Web Vitals report which will provide an overview of how your website is performing based on Core Web Vitals measurements, which can then guide your optimization process to ensure you meet the key criteria.

But what about those using the major commerce platforms like Shopify and Wix, which are largely built on templates – are they also impacted in the same way?

To provide some context on this, and help you maximize your SEO opportunities, the team from Website Builder Expert tested 3,000 URLs, on both desktop and mobile, across the major eCommerce platforms to get an idea of how they perform against Google’s Core Web Vitals measurements.

These are some important considerations here, which could help you optimize your site.

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