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Do you want to become a stand out writer and sell more content at Constant Content? Freelancing writing success depends on several factors, including your rate of submission, the development of your ideas, how reader-friendly your articles are, whether you’re using credible sources, and how compelling your titles sound. Take a look at these tips for standout writing that will get you more attention from clients—as well as more sales.

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Submit Consistently

Writers who sell more content submit articles consistently. Why does regular submission result in freelance writing success?

  1. The newest articles appear first in Constant Content’s search results, which means frequent submission will get your articles in front of clients’ eyes regularly.
  2. Clients who like one of your articles may want to purchase more articles from you. The more you have for them to choose from, the likelier it is that they will find an article that fits their needs, increasing your chance to sell more content.
  3. The more articles you have for sale, the more chances you have to appeal to a diverse client base looking for articles on various topics.
  4. Consistent submission increases your freelance writing success simply because you improve with practice. The more skilled you are at writing articles, the easier it becomes to create standout writing because you have already learned tricks and techniques to make the process more efficient.

Write In-depth Articles

Clients like in-depth articles, in part, because search engines like in-depth articles. Why do search engines like more comprehensive content? Because long-form content keeps readers on the page for longer, is more shareable, and attracts more backlinks. Standout writing dives deep into the topic rather than just skimming the surface. It answers readers’ questions and provides plenty of opportunity for internal links to other content that the client is providing readers.

When you write an article, shoot for between 800 to 1200 words or more. The article should be well-focused on your topic. (However, if you have to provide irrelevant or only slightly relevant information to reach that word count, you should either broaden your main idea or simply stick to writing a shorter piece).

Give Your Article Structure to Sell More Articles

Standout writing is well-structured. Good article organization means your article is easy to follow and sections are separated by subheadings. Subheadings are important for scannability as well as for SEO purposes.

To structure your article in a way that leads to freelance writing success, begin with an introductory paragraph or section that identifies the main idea that the article will cover.

  1. Support the main idea using well-defined points in the paragraphs that follow.
  2. Make sure all information is directly relevant to the main idea.
  3. Create a logical flow for your ideas.
  4. Identify sections with descriptive subheadings.

Organizing articles in a logical manner for readers is one of the best avenues to take if you want to sell more content.

Cite Your Sources According to Constant Content’s Guidelines

Have you done research to write your article? If so, you should give credit to the original source material.

However, please remember to do so in a way that:

  1. Enables the client or the end reader to find the original source and fact-check the article’s claims.
  2. Follows our guidelines for referencing sources.

You can cite your sources in the text next to the information provided by that source. You can also create a list at the end of the article that includes your sources. Some writers choose to use footnotes for this purpose, which is good practice. To meet Constant Content’s guidelines for sourcing information, either use the author, title, date, and publication format to cite sources, or include the web address, making sure to deactivate hyperlinks and remove the http://www prefix from the URL so that links aren’t generated automatically in word processing programs. After all, clients may or may not want outbound links.

Make Your Title Pop for Standout Writing

Remember, clients shopping for articles on Constant Content are not the targeted end readers. That means you should create descriptive titles that are concise and eye-catching to a client who has a specific article theme in mind. Avoid clickbait headlines that don’t identify the topic clearly. Also avoid overly broad or vague titles.

For example, in an article about WordPress, you wouldn’t title your article “WordPress.” Instead, depending upon your focus, your title might read:

  1. 10 WordPress Secrets All Bloggers Should Know
  2. Take WordPress to the Next Level with These Five Plugins
  3. WordPress for Beginners: A Guide to Getting Started
  4. How to Use WordPress to Increase Website Traffic

When in doubt, use a simple, grammatically correct title that will immediately tell the client what the article is about. When the client scans the list of search results, clear, tightly written titles will grab their interest more readily than wordy, unclear, or awkward titles.

At Constant Content, all writers have the capacity to sell more content. Implement the above measures to make yourself stand out to clients and support your path to a successful freelance writing career!

Author Details: Kerry Kubilus is Constant Content’s enthusiastic head editor. Curious and inquisitive, she loves that her job involves helping writers’ work shine while simultaneously learning about a wide variety of topics. In her time off, she enjoys first-hand research about travel, culture, and food, preferably all at once.

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