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How to build a free podcast website

Having developed, hosted, and published a few successful podcasts, I know how difficult it can be to promote and grow your audience. One critical aspect that I’d encourage every podcaster to do is to incorporate a podcast website into their strategy. There are quite a few benefits:

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  • Search Acquisition – can typically find your podcast easier than relying on them searching within a given platform.
  • Channel Promotion – podcasts can be published throughout a number of platforms, so having a site where listeners can find the channel of their choice is important.
  • About – providing an overview of your podcast’s goals as well as its hosts’ platforms is a great way to sell your visitors on subscribing.
  • Episode Search – providing visitors a means of searching your episodes for topics or guests that they’re interested in can drive listenership and subscriptions.
  • Social Promotion – letting listeners know where they can connect and communicate with you on social channels can deepen your engagement and promotion of your episodes.

Of course, developing a podcast website and hosting can be quite an undertaking. Thankfully, there’s a free alternative with’s free website generator for podcasters.

How to Build a Free Website For Your Podcast

Here’s a walk-through of the platform – just locate your podcast utilizing their tool and the site will automatically import the critical data, episodes, images, and enable you to add additional customizations including pages and links.

Transistor’s free podcast website generator works with all major hosting platforms, including Transistor (of course), Anchor, Buzzsprout, Spreaker, Podbean, Libsyn, SoundCloud, Simplecast,, Captivate, and more!

Here are some great examples of some sites build with the free podcast website generator:

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