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AT Internet’s digital analytics consultants – a sneak peek into the support and consulting teams


wondered who’s behind the scenes in AT Internet’s support and consulting department?
AT’s digital
analytics consultants are the dream team in charge of all our customer
accounts. They are the main point of contact whenever our clients need specialist
technical guidance and support.

Learn more about the key role they play in our infographic:

AT Internet’s multilingual
support and consultancy team has a diverse and varied set of daily tasks. They
offer dedicated support for our customers across a wide range of industries –
including corporate websites, media sites, e-commerce sites, and applications.
This can involve establishing client requirements for site tagging and creating
adapted tagging plans – followed by implementation testing.

Their scope covers the organising and running of customer training and certification sessions. AT consultants can also be called on to attend pre-sales-meetings to convince potential customers of the added value of our solution.

In short, it’s a
job that requires the team to work together, be proactive and think on their

You can find out more from the
consultants themselves in our videos:

Here’s what our consultants
are saying:

“When I talk about my team, I refer to them more as friends than colleagues.”

Clément Pomparat

“AT Internet has
a fantastic atmosphere and it’s a superb place to develop your skills. In this
company, we all grow together.”


“The role is extremely varied. We could be working on dedicated consulting, external projects, training, student certifications.”

Rebecca Zamord

“I learn something new every day, and every time I go on a training course I come out with a mine of information.” 

Sébastien Roberto

Keen to learn more about our support?

See our consulting job offers!

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