News Analytics Suite January 2020

Explorer, dashboards and APIs: new features to discover and test in your solution!

More combinations in Explorer ? (and far more )!

You can now combine up to 4 properties in data tables! Result: more flexibility for your analyses. Combined with the custom views system, this feature allows you to configure and save custom content in Explorer.

Two new options are also available in the table :

  • The ability to use a property as a sort criterion.
  • The ability to hide the properties of your choice to lighten the display

Other improvements have been made:

  • Show/hide event log
  • Display start and end dates when hovering over the graphs in weekly granularity
  • Displaying the value of p-1 on the Overview tabs when the comparison is displayed
  • Display the name of the analysis in the browser title bar

These features have been prioritised as a result of your comments left from the Feedback panel of the Analytics Suite. Did you know that our roadmap takes these comments into account? So don’t hesitate to vote for your favourite features on our ideas portal. ➟ That’s where it happens!

Dashboards: display a level 2 by default

To refine the scope of your dashboards, you can now choose to display data from a level 2 site by default.

Use a level 2 site as the default scope of analysis.

To learn more about managing the site perimeters of your dashboards, visit the Help centre!

The Reporting 3.0 API is in beta!

The Data Query 3 tool, which has been in beta for a few months, is evolving with the possibility to create an API URL on the fly based on the new engine!

Discover the API 3.0 documentation and test the functionality directly in Data Query 3.

? To use this new API, don’t forget to create your API key!

See you soon on the Analytics Suite!

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