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Three Factors Drive Attorney Google Ads Success – Rothman PPC

Three Factors Drive Attorney Google Ads Success – Rothman PPC

Getting new cases from Google Ads for attorneys is among the easiest things in the world for me at this point. I’m so dialed in and laser-focused on this space that I can generate cases in my sleep. I’ve been able to make it easy because I’ve narrowed down the factors that actually matter to three things.

If you get these three things right, you get cases from Google Ads. If you get any one of the three wrong, you’re in for a ton a stress, wasted money, and not that many cases. Case generation from Google Ads is entirely possible. You’ve just got to get these three things right.

The Cost Per Click

Your cost per click is what you’re willing to pay Google to get a click on your ads, it’s the cost of a Google Ads campaign. The total cost is the cost per click multiplied by the number of clicks you get. Cost per click is a major driver of your success on Google Ads. Bid too little and you won’t get volume. Bid too much and you’ll be unprofitable.

Despite the massive importance of the cost per click, many agencies and attorneys fail to focus on it with the intensity that’s needed. Instead, they focus on trivial things like the way an ad looks or they worry about something they can’t control, like a competitor’s behavior. But they’re wrong to not focus on cost per click. Once you grasp not only the importance of the cost per click, but also how it allows you to control the campaign, you realize that you have no hope of success with Google Ads unless you fully understand what’s going on with your cost per click.

Cost per click is not everything, but you’ve got nothing without it. Get your cost per click right, and you’re a long way towards Google Ads success.


Once you determine the correct amount to pay for leads from Google Ads, then you have to figure out how to close those leads and turn them into new clients. Whether this is done by an attorney or a staff member, I refer to this process as intake, and your intake has to be on point in order to profitably run a Google Ads campaign. I’m not an intake expert, but I do know what doesn’t work. Missing calls, being rude, wasting time with bad leads, poor phone connections, failing to aggressively follow up, all of these things will wreck your Google Ads experience.

The Google Ads manager can control the quality of leads he gets you, along with the cost of those leads, but he cannot control what you do with them once you get them and how strong or poor your intake performance is. Intake performance and close rate are equally important to the cost per click because if you mess this part up, you’ve got nothing.

A Skilled Manager

The final thing you need for success with an attorney Google Ads campaign, is a skilled Google Ads manager. You need someone that can both communicate with you the attorney, but also understand the complexities and nuances of a competitive Google Ads environment and be able to make smart decisions as the realities of the battlefield change over time.

A Google Ads manager must be both smart and balanced. A Google Ads manager is dealing with stresses and influences from Google, competitors, you the client, and also their own life. They must balance all these factors, control search terms, control costs, and change when the reality of their Google Ads environment changes, and the environment is constantly changing.

All of this is doable but not easy. It takes a special person to handle attorney PPC campaigns, but when you find someone who can, you’ll know it.

These are the three factors that determine attorneys’ success on Google Ads. It’s a simple, but tough area of the digital marketing world, and that’s why I like to break it down into three manageable factors.

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