Telbee Voice Messaging for Websites and Podcasts

There’s been a few podcasts where I honestly wished that I had spoken to the guest beforehand to ensure they were engaging and entertaining speakers. It requires quite a bit of work to plan, schedule, record, edit, publish, and promote each podcast. It’s often why I’m behind on my own.

Martech Zone is my primary property that I maintain, but Martech Zone Interviews does help me to keep working on how well I speak publicly, helps me to connect with influencers and people I respect in my industry, and feeds a portion of my audience that appreciates audio over text… something that no business should underestimate.

Telbee Voice Messaging

Telbee is a voice messaging platform that you can deploy to capture voice messages from future guests or listeners of your podcast. The platform has a few different options… the ability to build a destination page that you can share, a widget that you can embed in any page, or a talk button that you can add to any site via script.

I set up a voice messaging popup for Martech Zone Interviews within a few minutes using their free platform. The paid version has quite a few more customization features, but I thought I’d test it out. If you’re reading this via email or RSS, click through to the article and you’ll be able to test leaving me a message.

Send Me A Voice Message

Telbee Scenarios for Podcasting

Here are some great scenarios that telbee has illustrated for use with podcasting:

  • Record listener content and make your podcasts interactive – Invite stories, questions and suggestions and record them via telbee. Read our a short URL to visit, share it via social media and email, or add a voice recorder directly to your website. With easy tools to customize, listen and respond – whenever convenient!
  • Listen to – or read – submissions and manage them in a dedicated inbox – No more sifting through emails, social feeds, DMs and texts from your audience. Make life easy! Get all your recordings in one inbox, transcribed if you like. Give access to your co-hosts, producers and the whole team to share and manage. Play back directly, mark your favorites, download for editing, or respond by voice!
  • Grow your audience – Engage across social media & Encourage sharing – Invite your followers to contribute to your podcast via any social media platform, and show them how much others get from it! Hear the WOW moment when you reply – People love it when you respond, and it’s really quick and personal by voice. Then they’ll really want to share what you’re doing and help grow your community.
  • Save time and frustration on content creation and typing – Planning, recording interviews and producing episodes is all hard work. So replace typing with talking – it’s easier and faster! And cut back on the scheduling. Use telbee to communicate by voice with your team and collaborators. And if you forgot that question, need a retake, can’t make the diaries work or even just want to make everyone’s life easier, use telbee to record your guests! With professional tools for uploading audio, bitrate selection and split screen to share questions.

Telbee has also developed a Guide to Podcast Audio Engagement.

Guide to Podcast Audio Engagement Get Started Now With Telbee

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