SEO Tips: Expert Round-Up For Growing Organic Traffic

In the world of search engine optimization (SEO), only those who have actually succeeded can shed light on what it actually takes to grow your website to tens of thousands of visitors per month. This proof of concept is the most powerful evidence of a brand’s ability to apply effective strategies and produce extraordinary content that will rank. 

With so many self-proclaimed SEO experts, we wanted to compile a list of the most powerful strategies from only those who have managed to grow their brands and receive over 20,000 monthly visits. We were interested in the secret sauce of great organic traffic, high visibility, and exceptional quality websites. 

Below, we are including the top 6 game-changing SEO tips from top brands who have managed to build popular websites that receive a minimum of 20,000 monthly visits: 

  1. Create reports using proprietary data: 

One of our biggest game changers was using proprietary data to publish reports that we later distributed to journalists. We have seen many websites utilize publicly available data to generate reports and share them with journalists. However, we feel that proprietary data is even more valuable and will generate more interest. This is because government type of statistics is available to anyone, and often times, journalists prefer to quote the proprietary data and unique insights over general reports.

Amra Beganovich, CEO, Amra & Elma

  1. Co-author articles with industry leaders: 

When we first started out, we approached many industry leaders with a partnership proposal to co-author articles or do interviews for some of the best media publications, blogs, and other high authority sites. We knew that most of them had unique knowledge and insight of a particular industry that most publications would highly value. So many of them agreed to this type of a collaboration as they were receiving extra visibility and PR. 

We targeted leaders such as influencers, bloggers, authors, musicians, and even journalists who wanted to promote their businesses. Many of the website editors jumped at a chance of receiving exclusive content. It was a win-win situation.

Michal Sadowski, CEO, Brand24

  1. Offer high reputation sites exceptional content: 

Nothing beats an exceptionally written piece of content by an industry insider. We were never afraid of putting in the work and only composing articles for the most authoritative websites in our industry. The key is to focus on really knowing the editors and understanding what they are looking for. If you develop the type of content that is exceptionally suited for their readers, they will almost always publish it. An extra tip is to always be polite, be quick to respond, and show the editor that you are after quality over quantity.       

Sara Routhier, Director of Content, Quote (Parent company of AutoInsurance)

  1. Start with a niche industry:

We wanted to address a niche industry and do so in a way that is helpful and credible. We are in the tech and cloud services sector, and we focused exclusively on building a sound reputation within our industry. 

We were never interested in being all things to all people. Instead, our main goal was to reach industry enthusiasts who shared our passion and understood our expertise. In our mind, the best marketing is a word-of-mouth type of marketing, and all additional shares we received from our readers are an extra bonus.

Adnan Raja, Vice President of Marketing,

  1. Utilize exceptional graphics: 

We aimed to communicate concepts that are difficult to understand using super simple graphics and visuals. We volunteered these graphics to any editor who wanted to improve their content. In exchange, we requested that they only provide credit. We took time to conceive professionally designed graphics and videos for our worldwide affiliate partners to help them succeed in their SEO campaigns.

Maxime Bergeron, Network Director, CrakRevenue

  1.  Trade and network: 

We leveraged our relationships with editors to offer other businesses a chance to co-author or trade media mentions in other top publications. We invested in creating a network of businesses and journalists, and then we traded opportunities with other business owners. The key here is to really stay within a certain industry and to maintain a high standard. Trading only works if it is done with other high-quality businesses or publications. There is no quick–fix. It was all about creating win-win situations.

Janice Wald, CEO, Mostly Blogging

There are no shortcuts to building an exceptional brand with high organic traffic. It takes time, strategy, and out-of-the-box thinking. By focusing on great content, strategic partnerships, graphics, and authority interviews, brands can help devise a comprehensive approach to ranking and receiving tens of thousands of visitors per month. By following some of the advice above, companies can start to implement consistent changes that will over time transform their brands, traffic, and revenue.   

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