Instagram Publishes New 'Insider' Magazine Which Explores Emerging Platform Trends

Instagram has published the third edition of its ‘Instagram Insider’ digital magazine, which takes a look at emerging trends based on platform engagement, and provides tips and insights to help guide your strategic approach.

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The fall edition of Instagram Insider looks at seasonal shifts among users, which take on a more optimistic tone.

As explained by Instagram:

“This year’s fall trends reflect the past 18 months with an increased respect for nature and art, self-identity and pageantry. A year of long walks and hikes can be seen in the evolving Gorpcore aesthetic. The added appreciation for all things simply joyful (a trend we’re calling “C’Mon Get Happy”) is reflected in the bright colors and bold patterns in everything from tops to nails to dishware.”

Certainly, bright colors are a key feature among the trend insights.

Note the option to scan a barcode and explore the topic for yourself in the app, connecting the magazine directly to shoppable posts and clips.

The examples provide some good pointers for your evolving IG strategy, while Instagram also includes notes on Fashion Month, and key, emerging creators to follow for unique perspectives on the various fashion events.

Instagram Insider Magazine - Fall 2021

There’s also Instagram’s Q and A section, where it looks to address common questions around platform usage, with this month’s segment primarily focused on Reels.

Instagram Insider Magazine - Fall 2021

There isn’t any major revelation or strategic insight here, though Instagram does note that the Reels algorithm favors ‘smaller creators’.

It’s also interesting to note Instagram’s advice that users should re-share their Reels to Stories and their main feed. Which makes sense, but Instagram is also actively trying to stop users re-sharing feed posts to Stories.

No such concerns with Reels, evidently.

Instagram’s Insider magazines provide some interesting insight into the latest trends, which may help to guide your marketing approach, while the advice sections do provide some scraps of additional information about its algorithms and what it’s looking to focus on at any given time.

You can download the previous Instagram insider issues here and here.

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