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The more people you know on LinkedIn, the better off you will be. It’s indisputable that having a high number of LinkedIn connections may help you expand your personal brand by increasing the reach of your published content, enhancing LinkedIn search results, and increasing profile views.

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However, It’s easy to get overwhelmed by your network and forget why you added certain people in the first place.

Therefore, learning how to organize and manage LinkedIn connections is crucial.

The question is — can you efficiently manage your connections on LinkedIn?

The Limitations of LinkedIn

LinkedIn’s built-in connection view makes it simple to locate a particular connection; nevertheless, it has several limitations.

Mainly, LinkedIn doesn’t provide you with a lot of information about your relationships without visiting each profile individually. For instance, the phone number or email address is not immediately visible.

In addition to the scarce data it provides, the relationship view on LinkedIn is overrun by adverts and notifications, making it difficult to focus on the content at hand.

Due to the lack of a categorization system, LinkedIn’s list of 500+ contacts might be difficult to navigate.

That’s where LeadDelta comes into play.

How to manage your network more effectively

Step 1: Get A Better Overview Of Your Connections

It’s going to get harder and harder to keep track of all your contacts, to actively engage with them, and to develop any real relationships as you speed toward that elusive 500-plus mark.

With LeadDelta, you can manage LinkedIn connections and gain a clearer picture of your network without a lot of extra work.

You may arrange your own network in whatever manner you choose with the aid of the table view method. There are no ads or other interruptions.

LeadDelta’s customer relationship management (CRM) view of your network can help you maximize efficiency by allowing you to set up your connections in a way that works best for you.

Step 2: Apply Tags And Notes For More Clarity

Those that need to execute complex network searches on a daily basis may find that the criteria available on LinkedIn, such as geography, business, and industry, are insufficient.

LeadDelta tagging is the practice of assigning unique labels to each profile. It expands the capabilities of LinkedIn’s built-in filters to enable more refined searches of your network and faster account location based on tag assignment.

Linkedin tags don’t only help you organize your network so that you can find what you’re looking for quickly but they can also be used to make your connections feel more important.

The people in your network probably don’t all care about the same things. Thanks to tags, you can easily send only the essential information to the intended recipients.

By letting you send mass messages with material tailored to a certain audience, LeadDelta can also help you automate and personalize your LinkedIn outreach.

Tag LinkedIn Connections With LeadDelta

Export your connections to improve your response rate

The low response rate from LinkedIn contacts is one of the main obstacles you’ll face.

This is where a feature like exporting connections comes in handy.

It’s not easy to keep tabs on your engagement and response rates directly on LinkedIn, even if you do manage to obtain a response.

When it comes to lead nurturing, LinkedIn isn’t as effective as other platforms as it is for locating prospects. Because of the limitations of InMail’s chat tools, it’s difficult to develop meaningful relationships with contacts using this platform.

However, you can monitor the success of your outreach efforts if you export LinkedIn contacts and import them into your preferred communication platform.

LeadDelta: Export Your Filtered LinkedIn Connections

Step 3: Disconnect From Connections You No Longer Need

It’s not uncommon to maintain a connection with someone only for the purpose of staying in touch. However, you come to the conclusion that they aren’t contributing anything positive to your network and decide to cut ties with them.

It’s also not uncommon to discover that a once-active LinkedIn connection is now nothing more than a ghost connection, or someone who hasn’t been in for a long time but still has your contact information.

Your LinkedIn postings may not be seen by as many people if you have a large number of connections who don’t interact with your posts. When trying to impress the LinkedIn algorithm, the quality of your relationships is paramount.

There’s a good chance you’ve got a lot of useless contacts who are always attempting to sell you something or invite you to events.

How do you prune your LinkedIn contacts to remove those that are no longer active?

It’s important to routinely delete those people from your LinkedIn connections.

Nevertheless, disconnecting each link individually is a time-consuming and laborious process. LinkedIn also doesn’t keep a record of anyone you’ve disconnected with or why.

With the aid of LeadDelta, you can bulk-remove LinkedIn connections at once.

Manage Your LinkedIn Contacts Today!

Regardless of how many LinkedIn connections you have, you should still be selective about who you connect with.

You should also make sure that your LinkedIn connections are relevant and active in your professional network.

LeadDelta can help you organize your LinkedIn connections in the most efficient manner possible.

Check out our 7-minute demo video to see what we can offer.

Download The LeadDelta Chrome Extension Today!

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