LinkedIn Publishes New Guide on Using Organic and Paid Strategies to Maximize Branding Impact

LinkedIn has published a helpful new guide which looks at the branding benefits of using paid and organic outreach in combination, and how you can best pair these elements for different purposes using LinkedIn’s tools.

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The 45-page guide includes insights into all aspects of building your brand on LinkedIn, and a range of helpful pointers to guide your strategy. You can download the full guide here, but in this post, we’ll take a look at some of the key elements.

First off, LinkedIn highlights that an integrated paid and organic strategy can produce significantly better results, with company page followers that have been exposed to both organic and paid media 61% more likely to convert towards a paid action, according to its research.

The numbers here are case-based, not overall averages, but the principle underlined by LinkedIn’s findings is that you can produce significant results for your brand by combining community building (organic) and brand/product awareness (paid) elements.

Based on this, the first section of the guide looks at organic community growth on LinkedIn, and the various tools at your disposal to build your brand presence.

LinkedIn brand building guide

It also includes a helpful checklist of your various options, which may help to improve your LinkedIn strategy, and make best use of the various tools on offer.

LinkedIn brand building guide

But the most valuable element may be the section on page content, which outlines the types of content that LinkedIn users are most receptive to, providing practical data points to help guide your posting process.

LinkedIn first notes what its users are looking for from pages, in terms of the types of insights and info.

LinkedIn brand building guide

It then outlines the specific types of updates that align with these needs.

LinkedIn brand building guide

That could be a big help in working out your LinkedIn strategy, and mapping your updates against these notes. Based on this, you could formulate a more LinkedIn-specific content approach, which will help to improve your on-platform branding efforts, and boost engagement with your audience.

The second section of the guide looks at LinkedIn’s paid outreach tools, including the targeting options available, and notes on how you can maximize your outreach.

LinkedIn brand building guide

There’s a heap of helpful notes and pointers in here, with this overview only scratching the surface of what’s on offer. Honestly, it’s one of the best guides that LinkedIn has published on effective brand-building of late, and if you’re looking to boost your LinkedIn presence, it’s definitely worth checking out.

And with the platform now up to  774 million members, and seeing record levels of engagement, there’s significant opportunity to get your brand offerings in front of key decision-makers, which could be a great way to generate new leads, and contacts.

You can download LinkedIn’s full “The Perfect Blend: Organic & Paid” guide here.

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