Meeting Black audience demand for representation that matters – Nielsen - Social Media Explorer

Meeting Black audience demand for representation that matters – Nielsen

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by Adam

It is the legacy of America’s black population that has created a nation and shaped cultures all over the globe. Yet, when it comes down to media representation, the complexity and richness that makes that experience so unique is frequently lost or undervalued. A deeper understanding of Black communities is essential as the media industry tries to make the news more inclusive and increase their brand awareness or bottom line.

More information:

  • Many African Americans consider content to be their common language. Black audiences can learn how traditional media patterns are being replaced by new methods of engaging with information.
  • What brands can do to build trust with Black communities? Find ways that you place Black culture at the center of content and advertising.
  • Learn more about the Black community’s diversity and interconnectedness. Find out more information about the Black Diaspora community abroad 
  • Look at profiles of African American sections that are powerful: Black male streamer, phenomenal women and alumni from HBCUs.

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