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Movavi Video Editing Suite for Small Business - Edit, Convert, and Produce Video

If you’ve never had the opportunity to edit video, you’re typically in for a steep learning curve. There’s basic software out there to trim, clip, and add transitions before uploading your video to YouTube or a social media site… and then there are enterprise platforms built for including animations, dazzling effects, and dealing with very long videos.

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Because of bandwidth and computing needs, editing video is still a process that’s largely accomplished locally with desktop software. You’re dealing with gigabyte-size files and (now) 4K video resolutions that require a ton of resources locally to assemble and output your video files. I’m sure someday that we’ll be moving to Software as a Service, but for the next decade, I believe this is largely the job of desktop applications.

Video continues to be critical to your digital sales and marketing efforts:

80% of people prefer video than reading text.
64% of customers are more likely to make a purchase after watching a video.
54% of consumers want to see more convent from the brands they support.

Movavi Video Marketing Statistics

But it’s also either cost-prohibitive or has too steep a learning curve. Enter Movavi.

Movavi Video Suite

Businesses, gamers, and vloggers require editing and conversion capabilities with a platform that exceeds the free tools you may have installed by default but aren’t as complex with a million features that a professional videographer needs. Here’s an example:

  • iMovie – I want to create a custom lower-thirds using my branding elements to incorporate into my videos. No luck.
  • Adobe – I want to quickly record my screen, edit it into my movie, insert some stock footage, and convert the output optimized for YouTube. No luck.

Movavi offers a suite of video programs for Windows, MacOS, and even an Android/iOS app to do everything you need. They have a ton of tutorials and continue to

  • Clips – quickly edit videos on your mobile device.
  • Gecata – record your gameplay to embed in videos.
  • Screen Recorder – easily capture screens.
  • Slideshow Maker – Create slideshows.
  • Video Converter – convert any media file to any format.
  • Video Editor Plus – quickly edit any video.
  • Video Suite – everything you need to edit videos.
  • Video Suite Business – create videos for your business.
  • Unlimited – Get all Movavi programs and effects in one bundle.

The Movavi video editing tools are intuitive… literally built so that you can easily find and incorporate the enhancements you need easily. With Movavi, you can:

  • Make use of the key video-editing features: cut and trim footage, merge clips, and incorporate music. Apply creative effects, filters, and customizable captions to your explainer videos
  • Personalize your video presentations by adding your company’s logo or watermark
  • Combine background music with your voice commentary
  • Record your computer screen, add callouts and captions. Highlight keyboard and mouse actions
  • Capture webinars and conferences in high quality. Schedule recordings for when you’re away.
  • Grab the whole screen or adjust the capture area. Record screen and webcam at the same time
  • Record interviews and Skype calls with audio or add your voice commentary using a microphone.
  • Create slideshows from your photos, add background music and transitions.
  • Convert media files to any format and compress emails for email or upload to sites.
  • Upload videos to YouTube right from the program.

Here’s a short video tutorial:

Additionally, Movavi has built-in stores to enhance your videos further:

  • Effects Store – try a variety of titles, stickers, and transitions.
  • Stock Video – video footage collection.
  • Stock Audio – audio samples collection.
  • Stock Photos – image collection.
  • Partner Software – additional third-party apps you can integrate.

Movavi has over 2 million licenses sold and their software supports 14 languages!

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Disclosure: I’m using my affiliate link for Movavi in this article.

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