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As a majority of people learn about and find local businesses online, a robust online presence is essential. Accurate information about the business, good quality photos, the latest updates, and responses to reviews help people learn more about your business and often determine whether they choose to purchase from you or your competitor.

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Listing management, when combined with reputation management, can help local businesses improve their online presence and reputation by enabling them to manage some of the most important factors for both visitors and search engines. With a number of solutions out there, it’s important to consider aspects such as effectiveness, ease of use, and cost. 

With automated listing management and location data distribution to multiple sites plus reputation management, Moz Local enables you to quickly maintain accurate listings, respond to reviews, and post updates and offers. Our easy-to-use tool is designed to maximize your local online presence, increase consumer engagement, and enhance your visibility in local searches with minimal time and effort. It’s built for all types of companies, from small businesses to large enterprises, single to multi-location businesses, and agencies.  

Maintain Accurate Listings

For local SEO, complete and accurate listings matter. Keeping the address, hours of operation, and phone numbers consistent and up to date is essential to search as well as the customer experience. Moz Local helps you easily create and manage your local business listings on Google, Facebook, and other sites to help consumers find and choose your business.

You can update all of your listings from a single dashboard, and learn which data, photos, or other content are needed to complete your listings and profiles so that consumers can quickly figure out what your business does and if it’s a right fit for them. Listings are automatically distributed across our partner network, and with our ongoing listings sync, your listings stay updated across search engines, online directories, social media, apps, and data aggregators with minimal time and effort. And our automated process for identifying, confirming and deleting duplicate listings helps eliminate confusion.

Moz Local also provides you with key performance indicators, such as the Visibility Index, online presence score, and profile completeness score. It will also let you know when to take action with alerts and notifications for items requiring attention.

We use Moz Local to monitor our listing status, easily see our listings’ visibility in search and understand listing performance at different levels. We were able to push consistent listing information to the main directories and are happy with the results we’ve seen.

David Doran, Director of Strategy at Oneupweb

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Manage Your Reputation

Local Business Ratings, Reviews, and Reputation Management

At the local level, reviews can make or break a business. Over 87% of consumers said they value customer reviews and only 48% would consider using a business with less than four stars. In fact, small businesses may not even show up in search results if their reviews do not meet a certain threshold. 

Positive reviews can help increase your organic search ranking, but a genuine response to a negative or mixed review also prompts more interaction with your business as well as giving a reviewer the opportunity to change their score.

Moz Local allows users to easily monitor, read, and respond to reviews across search engines and websites from a single dashboard. Reputation management is extremely important for SEO and your brand, and Moz Local sends real-time updates and notifications when a new review is posted. On top of that, the dashboard allows you to follow trends within reviews, picking specific keywords and averages that show up in multiple reviews. These trends provide valuable feedback from consumers on what your business is doing right and what it may need to adjust.

Share Updates & Offers

Local Business News and Offers

Engaging consumers for more than a few seconds is getting harder by the day. With so many other sites, links, and information found on the first page of search results, standing out from competitors is a challenge. 

What consumers do react to and engage with, however, are frequent updates and offers. Keeping consumers in the know about the latest news about your business, new products or services, or special offers can influence them to purchase from you. You can also share news on Facebook or post to Questions & Answers on your Google business profile from Moz Local.

Moz Local helps you easily manage your local business listings and reputation on Google, Facebook and other sites to help consumers find and choose your business. It is designed to maximize a local business’s online presence, increase consumer engagement, and enhance visibility in local searches with minimal time and effort.

We have found Moz Local to be a brilliant platform to help boost the local visibility of our clients. With search engines personalizing results based on a user’s location, Moz Local can have a massive impact on overall organic traffic.

Niall Brooke, SEO Manager at Matalan

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