Notion: The Virtual Workspace For Your Marketing Efforts | Martech Zone

Notion: The Virtual Workspace For Your Marketing Efforts | Martech Zone

One of the key services we offer our clients is marketing-as-a-service, where they offload some or all of their marketing efforts to our team. At times, this can be a finite project for automating a process, maintaining their site, developing content, executing a campaign, building a report, or any number of other efforts.

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We’ve worked quite a bit in different project management systems but often find them limited in their capabilities for asset storage, internal processes, calendar views, or task repetition. So, we also have Google Workspace for our email, calendaring, and document storage… but that lacks any kind of integration, client management, process management, or comprehensive project management.

I think we’re in the same boat as many organizations… and adding more tools just adds more complexity. What we really need is an online workspace where our team can fully track, work, collaborate, store, and manage our clients more effectively.

Notion: One Workspace, Every Team

Notion is a single home that can accommodate operating an entire business, not just your marketing efforts.

Notion combines all the interfaces you need to fully organize your efforts – including workflows, wiki’s, document repository, meeting notes, task management, an editorial calendar, sales digests, etc. Best of all, Notion doesn’t start with a blank page… it includes hundreds of templates to get a jump start with.

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Benefits of Notion include:

  • Where knowledge & everyday work meet – Connect your daily work to your knowledge base and make it all easily findable, so you’ll never ask What’s the context? again.
  • An index for everything you need – A flexible, infinitely configurable sidebar helps knit together the information teams need, in context.
  • Collaboration built-in – Collaborative editing and comments help teams work together, wherever they are. Intuitive and connected navigation encourages transparency.
  • Customize tools to fit how teams work – Start with a template, modify it however you want, or build and scale your own systems fast. Connect with your favorite apps and services to automate workflows.
  • Scalable up to enterprise – Whether you wish to work personally on a project, work across a team, or work across an enterprise, Notion is fully scalable and offers all the advanced permissions and security features for your growing workspace.
  • Mobile and Native Apps – Avoid your browser tab overload and work from a native desktop application on Windows or Mac, or from a mobile app on iOS or Android.

With Notion, you can also centralize integrations with your other project management, repositories, and communication tools into a single view… including Jira, Slack, Github, and Asana. You can also automate Notion workflows using Zapier, Make, and If there’s no productized integration, Notion has a full-featured API that you can incorporate into your efforts.

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Disclosure: Martech Zone is an affiliate of Notion and is using affiliate links throughout this article.

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