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My company has been assisting a few clients with implementing and expanding their Shopify marketing efforts over the last few years. Because Shopify has such a huge marketshare in the e-commerce industry, you’ll find that there are a ton of productized integrations that make life easier for marketers.

Ecommerce Marketing Automation

US social commerce sales will grow more than 35% to surpass $36 billion in 2021.

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The growth of social commerce is a combination of integrated cart systems that social media platforms are integrating as well as buyer behavior dramatically changing over the last year. With that in mind, e-commerce companies may wish to share and promote their product and campaigns easier. Social media management systems don’t often integrate to capture and track your inventory and sales with social media… until now.

Onollo: Schedule and Optimize Social Commerce Posts

Here’s a great overview video:

Onollo offers an intelligent, tightly integrated social media management platform for your e-commerce needs, including:

  • Ecommerce Integrations – Productized integrations with Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, and Bigcommerce.
  • Product Postings – Access, edit, and publish your product catalog data with a few clicks. Onollo extracts product data from your store with just one click. You can create social media product postings without tedious downloading of the images, copy-pasting product names, descriptions, prices, URLs, and so on. Drive organic traffic for free. Tell the world what you sell.
  • Social Calendar – Create social media postings of any type by utilizing product data from your store. Schedule and track all of your social media postings on Onollo calendar.
  • Smart Scheduling – Onollo’s proprietary AI algorithm recommends the best time for your next post. No more guessing. Social media should be easy.
  • Autopilot (Magic Feature) – Keep posting while resting. Autopilot will pick and publish relevant content at the right time to all your social media networks.

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