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Oogur Track Google UTM Campaigns URLs and Build QR Codes

Marketers execute campaigns via a plethora of channels and virtually everyone utilizes Google Analytics nowadays. While some software as a service providers incorporate automated campaign URL tracking, too many still leave it to the marketer to populate their links with Google Analytics UTM parameters.

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Building your campaign links is critical, especially now that Google doesn’t provide critical information on Google users that are logged into any of their properties. This is known as dark traffic since you can’t really tell where or how the visitor arrived. To avoid this, you need to append UTM parameters and build out Google Campaign URLs. If you’re executing a campaign across email, Facebook, Twitter, calls-to-action, advertisements, and other channels… you need to build out each of your campaign URLs for each instance. That’s frustrating and time-consuming. Until now…

Oogur builds all of your Google Campaign URLs in a single, friendly interface. With Oogur, you can:

  • Build – Use the Oogur URL builder to build URLs tagged with consistent UTM parameters.
  • Track – Track all UTM parameters & URLs built in one place – not a spreadsheet.
  • Report – Gain greater insight into campaign data in Google Analytics by reducing the amount of dark traffic in reports.

Oogur takes the very manual, clunky process of building trackable links and makes it extremely simple. As a digital marketer, Oogur allows me to save time building campaign URLs at mass scale, which is huge. The end result is an organized and efficient workflow that makes it easy to see which type of content is performing best. I’d highly recommend giving Oogur a shot

Derek McClain, Digital Marketing Manager Driver Solutions

How To Use Oogur to Build Multiple URLs Tagged with UTM Parameters

Benefits of Oogur Include:

  • Save loads of time by building and managing URLs and UTM tags in one platform rather than external builders, spreadsheets, and URL shorteners
  • Build multiple URLs at one time
  • Build QR codes for your campaign URLs for use with print and video products where recipients can use their mobile device to open them.
  • Reuse UTM tags you’ve been using for consistent reporting in Google Analytics
  • Oogur’s web application is mobile-friendly, unlike spreadsheets
  • Google Analytics Campaign Reports begin providing you with additional, useful insight when you use UTM tags to identify campaign specifics in your URLs – reducing the amount of dark traffic
  • Oogur was built by marketers for marketers – continuously improving to cater to the needs of marketers

And, by supporting oogur, you support a Woman-Owned Technology Business. Oogur is founded by Nicki Laycoax, a long-time friend of mine.

With multiple people on our team using a parameter generator, then a shortener and some using their own Chrome plugins it became difficult to track all of our link building activity. Then add on a spreadsheet to catalogue them all, even within a collaboration suite like Office365 or Google Docs, and the process isn’t ideal. Working within one platform for all of these functions has been a tremendous benefit.

Chris Theisen, Marketing Automation Manager, BlueSky Digital

Using Oogur, your Google Analytics reporting is consistent and fully populated for improved results:

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Disclosure: Derek and Chris were given free access to oogur.com as part of a beta user group. These two users have helped with testing the application and providing valuable feedback to help the team with ideas for enhancements to add to Oogur to make the platform an efficient one for marketers. Derek and Chris were not charged for their license in exchange for their honest feedback to share with potential customers like you.

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