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If your company is doing outreach, there’s no doubt that email is a critical medium to get it done. Whether it’s pitching an influencer or publication on a story, a podcaster for an interview, sales outreach, or attempting to write valued content for a site in order to attain a backlink. The process for outreach campaigns is:

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  1. Identify your opportunities and find the right people to contact.
  2. Develop your pitch and cadence to make your request and be alerted when there’s a response.
  3. Monitor, respond, test, and optimize your campaigns to increase response rates.

This was typically a manual process that required multiple tools – combing public relations databases, developing content with writers, and building the campaigns in an email platform that can both be templated and can provide you with reporting.

Now you can get all of these features in a single platform – Postaga.

Send Cold Emails Easier With Postaga

No one likes to receive template emails. Postaga’s all-in-one outreach platform helps you build personalized outreach campaigns. Postaga’s artificial intelligence (AI) assistant finds key snippets and information so that you can cite specific advice that your target contact has given and make your emails more personal.

Postaga comes with a selection of pre-written campaigns that have been proven effective, including:

  • Skyscraper (Multiscraper) campaigns where you offer your own better content than your competitors on third-party sites that have backlinked to them.
  • Sales Generation Outreach campaigns where you tailor a campaign specific to your niche and target the appropriate prospects.
  • Podcast Guest Outreach on different podcasts to reach new audiences and promote your leadership, products, or services.
  • Guest Post Outreach on relevant publications to build your reach as well as search engine rankings by backlinks.
  • Network Outreach where you can build relationships and grow via social media sharing and advocacy.
  • Drive Reviews where you request testimonials and ratings from previous customers who were happy with your products or services.
  • Add Your Product to listings on third-party sites that promote your competitors.
  • Resource Outreach to promote your leaders or content for expert roundups or resource articles on third-party sites.

Postaga saves you from having to manually scour for the right contacts, finding the most relevant contacts for each opportunity. You can find their email address, Twitter handle, and LinkedIn profile. You can add these people directly to the customer relationship management system and add them to your campaigns.

You can set up multiple touches in your outreach campaign and automate the requests so you just have to wait for your responses.

And, of course, you can fully report on your campaigns.

With Postaga, you can automate intelligent outreach campaigns… targeting the right prospects with the right message to attain superior response rates.

Start Your Outreach Campaign!

Disclosure: I’m an affiliate for Postaga and I’m using those links in this article.

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