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Having a well-optimized and automated marketing platform is a critical element of every e-commerce site. There are 6 essential actions that any e-commerce marketing strategy must deploy with respect to messaging:

Ecommerce Marketing Automation
  • Grow Your List – Adding a welcome discount, spin-to-wins, fly-outs, and exit-intent campaigns to grow your lists and provide a compelling offer are critical to growing your contacts.
  • Campaigns – Sending welcome emails, ongoing newsletters, seasonal offers, and broadcast texts to promote offers and new products is essential.
  • Conversions – Preventing a visitor from leaving with a product in the cart by offering a discount is a great way to increase conversion rates.
  • Cart Abandonment – Reminding visitors that they had products in the cart is a must and, perhaps, has the greatest performance of any marketing automation tactic.
  • Cross-Sell Campaigns – Recommending similar products is a great way to increase your visitor’s cart value and drive additional sales.
  • Top Bar Offers – Having a top navigation bar on your site that promotes the latest sale, offer, or product recommendation drives engagement and conversions.
  • Customer Winback – Once a customer buys from you, they now have an expectation that’s set, and getting them to purchase again is easier. A time-delayed reminder or offer will drive conversions.
  • Purchase Follow-Up – Reviews are critical for every e-commerce site, so having a follow-up email that requests a review, suggests products, or just says thanks is a great way to keep your customers engaged.
  • Templates – Proven templates that are known to drive opens, click-throughs, and conversions are a must so that marketers don’t have to research or develop their own.

Privy Ecommerce Marketing Platform

Privy offers every single one of these features to provide a complete e-commerce marketing platform for your Shopify store.

Privy is the most reviewed platform in the Shopify App store… with over 600,000 stores using their platform! Not only do they have one of the most affordable platforms, Privy also has an extensive online resource collection for you to learn how to better market your online store.

Even if you’re not signed up, I’d highly recommend that you register and receive Privy’s Ecommerce Holiday Calendar. It’s a calendar that you can download, print, and keep handy… it even has room for notes. They’ll also email you with inspirational and monthly reminders so that you never miss another holiday.

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Disclosure: I’m using my affiliate links for Privy and Shopify in this article.

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