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Shape CRM, Sales Automation, Pipeline Management

It’s amazing to see how advanced sales automation platforms are getting these days. I was just speaking with a colleague of mine where I mentioned that customer relationship management (CRM) was no longer a platform, it’s basically a feature.

Ecommerce Marketing Automation

The platforms of old require often require massive implementation budgets that incorporate third-party integrations and tons of automation. I know… my company works with frustrated clients every day after they’ve purchased these systems and then can’t fully realize their potential without a huge investment.

Shape Software

Shape is a great example of an end-to-end platform to manage, collaborate, and consolidate all of your marketing efforts into a single platform.

Shape’s Customer Relationship Management Features

While Shape does have a ton of productized integrations, the core sales automation, pipeline management, and CRM are core to the platform’s functionality. Features include:

  • Pipeline Management – prioritize and time manage your day according to your workflow.
  • Bi-directional Texting – increase engagement with SMS and MMS messaging.
  • Sales Automation – explore ready-made sequences, or create your own automations.
  • Built-in Calling – Make calls and connect faster without leaving your CRM.
  • Reporting – simplify decision-making with real-time data insights.
  • ShapeIQ Lead Scoring – target, qualify and route your best leads to the right reps utilizing Shape’s artificial intelligence (AI).
  • Personalization – Merge Tags (also known as Personalization Fields or Data Tags) allow you to customize templates (such as email, text, etc.).
  • Drip Campaigns – Follow up and nurture customers through automation campaigns – pre-build in the system. 
  • Database Segmentation – Help send contextual content and create conversations that people want to engage with. 
  • Email Marketing – Send large quantities of email at once may be used for both transactional and marketing email messages. 
  • Video Marketing – Send video messaging 1:1, automated, or through bulk messaging.
  • Digital Advertising – browse Shape’s library of pre-designed ads and run cookieless campaigns on top websites.
  • Lead Funnels – get lead information with intelligent, customizable question-answer formats.
  • Tasks & Checklists – Kanban style pipeline task management.
  • Calendar Sync – view your outreach schedule with your integrated office suite.
  • File Sharing + eSignature – quickly collect customer documents and get more contracts signed.
  • Branded Client Portal – increase trust with a professional first impression – accessible on any device.
  • Automatic Updates – automate your follow-ups and increase outreach.
  • Integrations – connect third-party apps or utilize Shape’s API to get more work done.

There are over 500 features in Shape’s platform. Best of all, there’s no difficult or complex pricing, just a simple cost per user.

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Disclosure: Martech Zone is an affiliate of Shape and utilizing an affiliate link in this article.

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