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Strikingly - Responsive Personal Sites, Small Business Websites, Online Stores

There are many people in the digital marketing industry that promote content management or e-commerce platforms simply because they have experience in deploying them. I’m definitely not knocking those agencies, designers, or consultants for executing what they do well and with the tools, they have experience with.

Ecommerce Marketing Automation

However, I do wish more folks with expertise in developing a digital presence were open to other platforms. The platform that your organization has experience with isn’t always the platform that’s right for other people and companies. One example is the ability to build a personal website, a small business site, or an online store using an inexpensive all-in-one solution. While there are a ton of rich, integrated, and sophisticated platforms out there that offer an endless list of features, many people or small businesses don’t have the time, talent, or budget to hire a professional to deploy a solution.

For many years, using an inexpensive solution was a disadvantage because it didn’t perform well nor offered the ability to be optimized for search engines. Fast forward, though, and the vast majority of out-of-the-box website platforms run on incredibly fast servers, offer responsive templates that look great on mobile, and even incorporate critical search engine optimization (SEO) features.

In fact, I’m really impressed with the number of platforms that are now available to the do-it-yourself entrepreneur to get their brand off the ground. One player in this market is Strikingly, a company backed by Y Combinator that continues to grow and enhance its offerings over the last decade.

Strikingly Features

Strikingly offers a single platform where you can apply your domain, get a site or store up in minutes, and even add your domain, corporate email address, live chat, even a newsletter… all in a single platform.

People who think that anything simple and easy can’t be robust haven’t met Strikingly. Easy and simple is their core building principle, but feature-wise, they’re quite robust. Strikingly features include:

  • Responsive content blocks. Every template and section of Strikingly is responsive and mobile optimized. Your website will automatically adjust to look great on mobile, desktop, and any screen size in between.  
  • Powerful ecommerce management. Get a fully functioning global online store in minutes, with easy order management (on desktop or mobile) and multiple payment options (credit card, Paypal, Google Pay, and more). 
  • Full suite marketing & sales tools. Strikingly offers marketing tools such as newsletters, custom emails, pop-ups, and more to drive more traffic and increase brand awareness. 
  • Top Industry standard encryption and free SSL. SSL (Secure Socket Layer) boost the trust and credibility of your website and ensures a safe and secure browsing experience for your audience. It’s totally free. 
  • Dynamic Paid Membership and Multi-Tier Membership Features. You can start a subscription business and get paid every month! Add multiple tiers to give that exclusive access vibe to your more premium members.
  • Unlimited bandwidth. Is your website going viral? Sit back and relax. Strikingly offers powerful enterprise-level hosting that scales with your website traffic. 
  • Growth-oriented site add-ons. Add features like live chat, product reviews, and pop-ups to expand the capabilities of your website.
  • Convenient mobile editing on the go. Download our mobile app to edit your site, manage your site orders, or respond to your audience any time, anywhere.
  • Simultaneous editing. Collaborate with your team and edit at the same time. Invite up to 10 team members and set up different roles or access.  
  • Fully secure password protection. Secure your content and limit access to your entire site or selected pages. 
  • Customized customer experience. Build a unique touchpoint experience with your site visitors by creating your own custom form, or customizing your own ecommerce checkout. 
  • Free domain for 1 year. Get your first domain on the house! Absolutely free for 1 year with Pro Yearly plan and plus. 
  • Extreme dedication to our user base. We release new features every week. Every feature we release came from our users. Yes, we listen all the time.

Pricing for Strikingly starts free and they have multiple tiers based on the features that you’re looking for as well as how many sites you’d like to build. A full package even provides priority customer service and phone support.

Build Your First Strikingly Site For Free Now!

Disclosure: Martech Zone is an affiliate of Strikingly and I’m using our affiliate links in this article.

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