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TaskHuman Digital Sales Coaching Platform

When it comes to setting salespeople up for consistent success and growth, the traditional sales training model is fundamentally broken. With an approach that is too episodic, inconvenient, and not tailored to the individual, sales training tends to be delivered in a way that shortchanges both the business and its sales teams.

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Sales coaching is often only conducted within an organization once per year, yet studies indicate that participants in traditional curriculum-based training forget more than 80% of the information they were taught within 90 days. 

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Because of this, sales training requires a skill-based approach that reinforces any sales methodology when employees need it throughout the year. By providing 1:1 coaching to continuously develop and improve sales team performance without risking business, organizations also maximize their training and talent development investment as a whole.

TaskHuman Digital Coaching Platform Overview

As a real-time digital coaching platform, TaskHuman helps users to amplify their daily work and personal life with 1:1 personalized guidance from LIVE specialists over video calls. With TaskHuman, instantly discover and connect with the world’s most comprehensive global network of coaches, instructors, and specialists covering over 1,000 aspects of your well-being, such as physical fitness, mental well-being, spiritual, emotional, financial, career & leadership coaching, and more. 

TaskHuman’s new Sales Coaching offering is tailor-made for each member of the sales team to drive more revenue and faster sales cycles by providing on-demand access to sales coaches around the world. The program is available through TaskHuman’s unlimited coaching model, allowing sales leaders to adopt an attractive benefit that layers sales coaching, learning and development (L&D), and the overall TaskHuman well-being coaching experience. 

TaskHuman’s Sales Coaching program creates Guided Coaching Journeys for all levels of a sales team and equips them with both 1:1 and group coaching, and content to enable sales teams to practice and perfect the skills they need. Benefits include:

  • Sharpens skills such as building a pipeline, creating a sales plan, accelerating the funnel, consultative selling, and negotiating for the best deal 
  • Bolsters the organization’s overall sales methodology with year-round coaching and expertise
  • Offers experienced employees to serve as mentors within the app for ongoing staff talent development
  • Establishes a roadmap for sales organizations to train, coach, and nurture talent throughout the year

With our new Sales Coaching offering, we are delivering on year-round sales readiness and continuous team improvement, resulting in higher win rates, quota attainment, and employee satisfaction. Sales teams—and every employee—must feel supported in every dimension of their well-being journey. Antiquated L&D journeys and one-size-fits-all training once per year are not enough. The sales training playbook and employee benefits as a whole are overdue for a transformation into the digital age, and 1:1 personalized coaching when and where they need it will breathe new life into the entire organization.

Ravi Swaminathan, co-founder and CEO of TaskHuman

Sales Coaching Best Practices

  • Frequent Training – Typically, the sales leadership will wait for a critical mass of needs before scheduling training – for example, a sales paradigm that executives want teams to adopt or brush up on, some other strategic shift at the company, or a rush of new team members who need to be onboarded. Training and support are most effective when it is delivered when you need them. Talent guru Josh Bersin refers to it as learning in the flow of work — meaning that you can get the content or support you need when you must demonstrate a new skill or behavior, giving you the tools you need to deliver at the moment. Traditional training methods seldom provide that.
  • Personalized Training – In most organizations, sales training is designed to meet the needs of the majority, regardless of each individual seller’s distinct needs or goals. Truth is, it takes a panoply of skills and traits to succeed in sales. But there’s no way all of those can be addressed in a single training session, so a bell curve effect occurs. On one end, a significant number of people already are adept at what’s being taught and thus feel it’s a waste of time; on the other, what’s being taught just isn’t relevant to their particular needs. The training then potentially has meaning only for a subset of the group. While the company may be striving for a consistent and efficiently delivered training experience across the sales force, the execution ends up failing many salespeople. Great sales training is able to be easily tailored to the needs of the individual.
  • Accessible Training – Today, organizations commonly hire third-party firms to provide training in one niche or another of sales pedagogy. These third parties usually charge per individual and try to cram as many people as possible into the training, in the shortest amount of time. 

The system ends up being more provider-centric than user-centric, exacerbating the one-size-fits-all conundrum. And it comes at a high cost; not just the explicit costs of the services provided by the vendors, but the implicit costs of its ineffectiveness, and the productivity loss when sellers aren’t selling. Ideally, you want the costs of sales training to be directly connected to sellers extracting value from it.

Visit TaskHuman’s website to learn more about Sales Coaching:

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