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Whether you’re a seasoned freelance writer or dipping your toes into the world of freelancing for the first time, finding online writing jobs is becoming an increasingly popular avenue for finding well-paid, reliable writing work.

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It’s easy to understand why more people are turning to freelancing. You can work from home or from your favorite local coffee shop. You can even work from anywhere in the world (provided you have a stable internet connection, of course!). You can work for yourself and set your own schedule.

But where should you begin? How do you find the best online writing job out there? We’ve curated a list of resources to help you get started on the path to online writing job success.

Websites and Online Services Worth Exploring

1. Upwork

How to find work. Build your portfolio with your relevant skill set and your education and work experience. After you’ve done that, you can start browsing available jobs in any category and then apply for and bid on jobs.

Membership Fee/Cost. Free to join. “Connects,” or virtual tokens, are required to bid on a job. The skill level required for a job will determine how many Connects you need. You get 10 Connects per month for free, but if you want more, you must pay for them.

2. Constant Content

How to find work. To join Constant Content, you must first complete a grammar quiz. Then you’ll write a short article reviewed by one of Constant Content’s editors. After successful completion of both the quiz and the article, you are invited to join. Then you can build a profile. From here you can apply for jobs, explore Casting Calls, or you might be invited to a private writing pool to work on projects for long-term clients.

Membership Fee/Cost. No cost to sign up.

3. FlexJobs

How to find work. You can customize your job search profile. Then you’re able to choose from over 50 categories and subcategories to search for online writing job opportunities.

Membership Fee/Cost. Choose between different payment plans, including a one-week, one-month, three-month, or yearly plan. A one-week plan costs $9.95. A one-year plan costs $59.95. When you sign up, you can access job listings, build a profile that potential employers can search for, and receive email alerts for new job postings.

4. Fiverr

How to find work. Fiverr has been around since 2010. It continues to act as a large online marketplace where you, the freelancer (or “the seller”), can display your services. Buyers can pay in advance for ”gigs,” or services. These services include things like freelance work, web design, and copywriting.

Membership Fee/Cost. Free to join.

5. Freelancer

How to find work. The freelancer job board features a variety of job listings that you can explore based on your relevant skill set and areas of interest.  

Membership Fee/Cost. Free to join.

6. Media Bistro

How to find work. Media Bistro connects freelance writers to work opportunities in the media industry. It can be a source to network with other professionals.

Membership Fee/Cost. Free for its basic service.

7. ProBlogger

How to find work. ProBlogger lists new job postings every day, but these jobs can go quickly. Its website lists a variety of tips on ways you can stay current and up to date on listings. The site also features advice for freelance writers and ways to use influencer outreach to make your blog more profitable.

Membership Fee/Cost. No sign-up process or membership necessary. It’s a free job board, and you can apply to as many listings as you want.

8. LinkedIn

How to find work. Network and connect with individuals and businesses. LinkedIn is a great way to stay connected to colleagues and ask for referrals. Follow companies that you have an interest in working for. Reputable companies often post job announcements on their LinkedIn page.

Membership Fee/Cost. The Basic account is free. Under LinkedIn Premium, you’ll find four different price tiers. These range in cost from $29.99 to $99.95 per month (if you pay for an annual plan). As you build connections and look for online writing jobs, LinkedIn Premium Career should have what you need (plus, you can trial it for free for one month).

9. Explore Other Lists.

For example, Monster List of Markets:  Places to Find Freelancing Writing Jobs tailors its list to specific niches. These niches include business, cannabis, humor, parenting, poetry, politics, science, and travel. Here you’ll find an expansive, curated collection of websites, publications, and magazines that you can send your perfect pitch to.

10. Look at Job Boards.

Sites like Indeed and Glassdoor can also prove to be solid places to find good leads on prospective writing jobs. Just be sure to set your parameters for remote-based work!

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Other Ways to Get Your Name Out There

Build Your Portfolio.

Set yourself up for success and keep your portfolio up to date. Be ready to share samples of your writing work with prospective clients.

Make a Website.

Invest time in building a website. On your professional website, highlight your portfolio, share a sample or two of your work, explain your writing process, and showcase testimonials. Your writer website needs to show prospects who you are, what you do, and why you are the right fit for them! It’s a tool to help sell your services.

It’s also a good idea to start blogging regularly. A blog can show your creative writing talents and shine a light on the topics you’re most passionate (and well versed) about.

Referrals and References.

Sometimes the best way to find new online writing work is from a previous client. As you develop your freelancing profile, you will build solid professional relationships with businesses and individuals. Ask for testimonials from clients with whom you have a good working report. See if they’d be willing to refer their colleagues to you. Remember, referrals allow you to capitalize on the efforts you’re already putting in.

Leverage Your Writing Even if It Isn’t From a Paid Gig.

You can focus on the writing you’ve done in the past, even if it was academic work or just for fun. Prospective clients will, more often than not, want to see samples of your writing. They’ll look at your writing style, editing skills, voice, and tone to see if you’re a good fit for what they need.

Write a Guest Post or Several.

Speaking of writing for fun, consider the power of the guest post. Guest posting means you’ll write a blog post for a publisher for free. But it gets your name and your writing out in the world. You’ll often be able to include a mention of your own website or social media profiles in your bio. Plus, writing a guest post allows you to practice writing for, and working with, clients. Explore these top blogs that accept guest posts that can help you get exposure in no time.

Showcase Your Specialized Areas of Knowledge.

Sometimes it can pay–literally!–to have a writing niche. Are you well versed in business, tech, or health topics? Do you have a passion for beauty and wellness? Do you have an interest in the travel industry? Your knowledge and ability to build upon those skills and interests can be an asset and help you land your next high-profile article on a popular web-based publication.

Use Social Media.

As a freelance writer, you always want to be on the lookout for ways to make yourself visible and marketable to prospective clients. Embrace social media as a way to generate new business and to create and share content. According to the Top 14 Strategies for Freelancers to Creating the Best Social Media Content, it’s important to be consistent with the number of times you’re posting per day, per week, or per month (you can schedule posts to make your work week a little easier). Stay active and engaged with your audience. Follow what’s trending, from topics to hashtags, and follow experts in your industry.

Think Outside the Box.

Proactive marketing might be your ticket to landing your next great job. Proactive marketing goes beyond the usual 4 Ps, or the 7 Ps of service marketing (product, price, place, promotion, process, physical evidence, and people). This way of marketing means that you’re forecasting the future needs of a company and pitching your services to anticipate those needs. Explore pitching magazines and websites that pay writers. Go after the work. Don’t wait for it to come to you.

Be Yourself.

One of your most important assets to highlight while you put yourself out there and look for online writing jobs is, quite simply, yourself. Only you possess your own unique set of professional and personal experiences that make you original. Use that to your advantage.

Of course, showcase your writing and editing skills, your portfolio, and your sample content too–as required. But one of the principal ways that you’ll land (and hopefully secure) a long-term contract will come down to what makes you different from the rest of the freelance writers out there. What’s in your portfolio? What makes your writing style stand out? How solid is your work ethic? These are all great selling points.

Know Your Worth.

Many new freelancers don’t have a good grasp on what’s normal for freelance writers to charge.If you’re just starting out as a freelance writer working on online writing jobs, don’t be discouraged if you’re not immediately making the kind of money that you thought you would. It can take time to build up a profile and reputation with clients.

That said, you should have a firm grasp of what you should be making as a freelance writer. Understand how you can build your online presence. Work toward getting a variety of writing experiences, with varying complexities, so that you can set higher rates for your work.

Check out the Editorial Freelancers Association for information on editing and writing rates. Standard rates are in place for everything from copyediting to transcription to ghostwriting. Regardless of whether you’re charging by the hour or by the length of project, remember not to sell yourself short, even if you’re a newbie.

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