Treat Your Truck Accident Leads Like Gold – Rothman PPC

Treat Your Truck Accident Leads Like Gold - Rothman PPC

Truck accident leads are as valuable as it gets when it comes to personal injury lead generation from Google Ads. Dog bites and slip and falls keep the lights on, car accidents are nice, but it is truck wreck leads that can consistently lead to six and seven figure cases. And of course that’s exactly why they cost a lot to generate. Everyone knows these leads are highly valuable, and in turn, everyone bids a lot to get them. Truck accident keywords are as competitive as it gets on Google Ads.

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That leads to the question, if all the law firms that are advertising on truck accident keywords are bidding a ton, how does a law firm differentiate itself and profitably produce truck accident leads from Google Ads?

The answer is two-fold. First, of course like any Google Ads campaign, conversion rate matters. The higher your conversion rate, the more you can bid while still hitting your cost per lead goal. Assuming cost per lead goals are the same, the attorney who has the highest conversion rate can afford to out-bid the competition and this leads to that attorney getting more truck accident cases from Google Ads than their competition.

But there is another dynamic at play, and that is the close rate, which is the difference between merely getting a lead versus actually signing up a new client. Similar to conversion rate, the higher your close rate, the more you can afford to bid on truck accident keywords while still achieving your cost per case goal. Conversion rate (click to lead) and close rate (lead to case) will forever be linked together, and the higher your rates, the more likely it is that you can outbid your competitors and get more cases while still doing it profitably.

The Google Ads manager is responsible for conversion rate and your intake staff is responsible for close rate. The Google Ads manager will be highly motivated because if they don’t get you a high conversion rate and a good cost per lead, they know they’ll be fired. Human nature and incentives will drive a smart Google Ads manager to figure out how to do a good job (assuming they have the skill level required for the personal injury industry).

The part of this process that the attorney should be worried about is the intake staff. As I’ve written before, the intake staff make up the most important people in your law firm. If your intake staff fails to do an amazing job, then the PPC program falls apart. You simply cannot generate personal injury cases from Google Ads (let alone truck accident cases) at a profitable rate if the intake staff is not doing their job. Intake needs to be empathic, smart, engaged, smooth, energetic, motivated, and incentivized.

In my experience, you can coach intake staff and train them all you’d like, but at the end of the day it always comes down people and systems. Your intake staff have to be smart and high-energy people. And you also must have a system in place that incentivizes them to work their hardest and smartest to your leads closed.

Truck accident leads are as good as a gets from Google Ads. Imagine accident victims contacting your law firm every day saying “I was hit by a truck, I’m injured, and I need a lawyer.” It’s an amazing thing to put that kind of system in place and help attorneys grow their firms with consistent and highly-profitable truck accident leads. But it’s not easy. It requires both highly skilled Google Ads talent and highly skilled intake talent

Treat your truck accident leads like gold, and make sure your intake staff does too.

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