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Exits. You probably saw this metric somewhere in the Google Analytics 4 interface. But what does it mean?

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The exit page is the last page of the session. Every time a page is the last page of a session, the Exits metric increases by 1.


Where to find exits in Google Analytics 4?

To view exits, you will need to build a custom report, a.k.a. Explorations.

Click Explore in the left sidebar of the Google Analytics 4 interface. Then choose either Blank or Free form.


Import dimensions and metrics

Add the Page path and screen name to the exploration. Alternatively, you can also use Page Path + query string or Page location.

To add a dimension to the exploration, click the Plus icon

Then use the search to find the dimension, click a checkbox next to it, and hit import.

When it comes to metrics, you can add things like Views and Exits. To add a metric, click a Plus icon in the Metrics section and find the metrics you need to import. The process here is similar to the dimensions.


Add dimensions and metrics to the exploration

Now, double-click on the dimension you imported (e.g. Page path and screen name) and then double-click on metrics. This will add them to the exploration.

And that’s it. You can now see the list of pages and the number of times they were viewed (metric: Views) and the number of times when those pages were the last pages of the session (metric: Exits).

Click on the Exits to sort the table. Now you can see the top pages from where people are leaving your site.


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