YouTuber David Dobrik Signs Deal With Discovery Streaming Service For Travel Series

Social media star David Dobrik is back—now with his own TV show.

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Dobrik has a landed a deal with Discovery+, the streaming service owned by the parent company of the Discovery Channel, to film a travel series starring himself and several returning castmastes from his YouTube channel. The program, Discovering David Dobrik, will debut later this year in a 10-episode run.

“It’s everyone’s dream to be able to travel the world with friends and now I get to do that,” Dobrik says. “I can’t wait.”

Dobrik has been slowly entering the spotlight in the last few months after temporarily stepping away from his highly popular—and highly lucrative—presence on YouTube and TikTok last March when a former YouTube castmate, Dom Zeglaitis, was accused of sexual assault allegations. The allegations created enough of a stir for many of Dobrik’s corporate sponsors, including SeatGeek, EA and Hello Fresh, to distance themselves from him. But, in June, he began posting again to YouTube with his ensemble Vlog Squad crew and in August, appeared in a Shark Week special for Discovery.

The financial terms for his Discovery+ deal weren’t disclosed. Nonetheless, the tie up between Dobrik and Discovery could be a signal to other big brands, possibly rekindling Dobrik’s earnings potential. Dobrik landed at No. 9 on Forbes’ 2020 list of the top-earning YouTubers, bringing in an estimated $15.5 million. On Discovery+, Dobrik will join homey fare from networks like HGTV and the Food Networks as well as series from the company’s core offering, the Discovery Channel; Dobrik’s show is, presumably, a gambit to find content to draw in younger audiences who are more used to their entertainment coming from YouTube or TikTok videos than full-length TV shows. The streaming service launched in January and had accumulated 18 million subscribers through August.

“I’m thrilled to bring more of David Dobrik’s special brand of fun and adventure to discovery+ with this epic new event series. Most recently this summer, Sharkbait with David Dobrik was enjoyed and streamed by many and we are excited to follow this next big chapter in David’s life,” Scott Lewers, a Discovery executive vice president, said in a statement announcing the program. “We’re taking our viewers all over the globe to experience this journey right alongside the Vlog Squad.”

Dobrik, 25, is a DACA recipient and was originally born in Slovakia. His complicated immigration status has made it tricky for him to travel outside the U.S., and his ability to do so more easily now with new Biden Administration rules will be a series plot point as will his attempt to attain a green card. Moreover, one of Discovering David Dobrik’s episodes will feature his first return to Slovakia since he left the country at age 6, reuniting with his grandparents and other family.

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