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ZineOne - Early Purchase Prediction Personalization

Over 90% of website traffic is anonymous. Most website visitors aren’t logged in and you don’t know anything about them. Consumer data privacy regulations are in full swing. 

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And yet, consumers expect a personalized digital experience. 

How are brands responding to this seemingly ironic situation – consumers demand more data privacy while also expecting more personalized experiences than ever? Many technologies focus on expanding their first-party data yet do little to personalize the experience of anonymous visitors.

The answer does not lie in building 360-degree views of the customer – because C360 is neither attainable nor sustainable due to the complex ecosystem of digital channels. And Customer 360 is susceptible to deletion requests, regulatory shifts, and compliance risks. 

Even with the proper consent and opt-in practices, building identity profiles using a first-party data collection strategy only addresses a small percentage of known web traffic. So, how do brands personalize experiences for their anonymous visitors? They must use artificial intelligence to analyze and predict what’s happening in that session, in the moment.

ZineOne: The Solution

The future lies with in-session intelligence using behavior-based models to predict intent and react instantaneously while the visitor is active on the digital property, without the use of personally identifiable information (PII) data. ZineOne is a real-time marketing SaaS platform for leading brands in ecommerce, retail, financial services, telecommunications, food and beverage and travel and hospitality industries. 

ZineOne’s patented machine learning models predict the likelihood to make a purchase in that session within just 5-clicks, at scale, regardless of whether the visitor is anonymous or known. Learning in real-time which visitors are showing strong buying signals and which are proverbial tire kickers opens more relevant segmenting options.

ZineOne’s leading-edge approach has been proven to increase revenue, protect margin and increase purchase conversions for top brands including Kohl’s, Wynn Resorts, Men’s Wearhouse, and others.

ZineOne’s 5th click purchase prediction model, referred to as Early Purchase Prediction (EPP) has been featured on stage at ShopTalk in Las Vegas and ShopTalk EU in London. 

How does ZineOne work? 

ZineOne has developed sophisticated, industry-specific machine learning models that process real-time streaming data for high-volume transaction-based websites and apps. ZineOne’s algorithms consider variables such as conversion rates, average order values, product pages viewed, the time between clicks, and a number of industry-specific criteria to drive revenue lift, protect margin and increase brand loyalty. 

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You do not have to know anything about your visitor. All you have to do is observe what they’re doing right now. At this moment. In-session intelligence allows brands to suppress discounts that aren’t needed to make a sale. In-session intelligence can suggest appropriate incentives or social proof for consumers showing influenceability. 

Consider the last time you walked into a shoe store. You may have observed that some shoppers move with purpose, pick out exactly what they came for and head straight to the checkout counter. Other people cruise the aisles to see if anything is calling out to them that day. And then there’s Uncle Joe. Even he’s not sure why he wandered in there. But there he is. Checking things out. And walked out empty-handed 10 minutes later, as expected. 

These same behaviors are happening all the time on consumer sites. But it has traditionally been impossible to know who’s who. So we’ve all been bombarded with one-size-fits-all splash screens (subscribe & save) that don’t usually fit what the shopper came to do, at all. Now, with the advances in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) focused on anonymous traffic and purchase prediction while in-session, brands can delight visitors by meeting them where they are. Like Golidlocks and the Three Bears, making sure the experience is just right

Intelligent personalization for the anonymous consumer is the future of commerce, especially as more and more data privacy laws go into effect.

When it comes to online transactions, what matters most is what’s happening right now. 

Last week you bought something for yourself. But today you’re shopping for a gift. Personalization expands far beyond basic product recommendations. 

The next generation of online personalization is contextual, based on what you’re doing at that moment. For example, if the forecast calls for colder weather than usual, you could suggest appropriate gear with complimentary expedited shipping. If there was an unexpected tragedy, offer to match donations made upon checkout in support of timely causes. When you observe high propensity shoppers on your site, simply stay out of their way – let them come in, fill their carts, and don’t pop up annoying messages when they are actively trying to buy from you right now.  

With ZineOne’s real-time marketing platform, brands can learn within 5 clicks which visitors are highly likely to make a purchase during that visit, who is not currently shopping, and identify who may be on the fence about making a purchase. Shoppers showing strong buying signals allow them to complete their purchases without interrupting them with newsletter subscription popups. Reserve newsletter sign-ups for those not actively buying anything today. And for your guests still deciding, nudge them with an incentive discount or scarcity message only 6 left in stock.  

ZineOne Case Study

One ZineOne customer example is a leading luxury retail brand that realized a 6% lift in purchase conversions over a 30-day period, against a control group of web traffic not being serviced by ZineOne’s intelligence layer. The retailer started with a small pilot exposing just 10% of their web traffic to ZineOne, then upped it to 50%, then settled into 90% of their total ecommerce web traffic being processed in real-time through ZineOne. During the same period, the retailer observed a 4% lift in average order value compared to the control group. 

ZineOne and its enterprise customers always retain a portion of total web traffic as the control group in order to accurately measure attributable revenue and conversion lift month-over-month. 

Importantly, this same luxury retailer also saved $760K on discount offers that were suppressed from shoppers showing strong buying signals – thus protecting valuable margin.

Sample ZineOne dashboard displays overview of sessions, experiences, conversions, average order value and other metrics at a glance.

How is ZineOne different from other marketing platforms?

There are dozens, if not hundreds, of vendors promising to deliver ‘the right message to the right audience at the right time.’  But the hard truth is – all of these vendors are focused on known customers.

Personalizing experiences for known users is typical in 2022. But personalizing experiences for anonymous users…that’s much harder and that’s where ZineOne’s technology really sets us apart from what others are doing. We don’t need to know anything about site visitors in order to optimize and personalize the user experience.

Debjani Deb, CEO and Co-founder at ZineOne

ZineOne’s data science and analytics teams have created sophisticated algorithms that address unique shopping and transactional criteria for ecommerce, retail, travel, hospitality, telecom as well as banking industries. 

ZineOne offers deployment options depending on the tech stack needs of today’s top brands. ZineOne can provide real-time decisioning and customer experience delivery, or we can partner with leading personalization platforms to simply feed intelligent segments to existing marketing technology vendors within milliseconds of actions. ZineOne’s white-glove service ensures that customers realize returns of over 5x their investment while protecting margin and increasing revenue.

About ZineOne

ZineOne was founded in 2016 in Silicon Valley with offices in Milpitas, California and Mumbai, India by co-founders: Debjanie Deb, CEO, Manish Malhotra, Chief Product Officer, and Arnab Mukherjee, Chief Technology Officer. 

ZineOne is a Real Time Marketing Platform that intelligently scores behavior and personalizes the experience of every site visitor in the moment, while on your website or mobile app, at scale – regardless of whether the visitor is anonymous or known.

Top brands across retail, ecommerce, travel, hospitality, telecom, and banking are able to engage anonymous traffic with industry-specific AI models that predict buyer intent within 5 clicks and personalize the consumer experience within milliseconds. Leading brands like Men’s Wearhouse, Wynn Resorts and Kohl’s increase site engagement and increase revenue from anonymous traffic.  

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